Resignation of Cawston Band Musical Director

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    The Cawston Band is saddened to announce the resignation of long-standing Musical Director, Colin Swaep.

    Colin joined the band in 2001 and has led the band into the 1st section for the only time in their 123-year history.

    Other highlights of Colins’ tenure included: Qualification to the National Finals in 2007; a joint concert with Brisbane Excelsior; 2 CD recordings and an overseas trip to Germany.

    Most of these achievements came whilst Colin was still serving as a musician with the British Army. Testament to Colins’ dedication came whilst serving during the Gulf Conflict in 2003. Despite being just hour’s way from going into Iraq from Kuwait, he managed to make 2 phone calls from his base to wish the band good luck for the area contest and to find out the results!

    The band would publicly like to thank Colin for everything he has done since 2001. There is no doubt he has taken and developed the band to heights it has not reached before. Achieving all this with the bands best interest at heart, rather than his own self-promotion, and all this without charging a fee. The words ‘Thank you’ seem an understatement.

    Finally Cawston would like to wish Colin and his partner, Sarah Harper a horn player with the band, every happiness as they await the imminent arrival of their 1st child in the next few weeks.
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    Sad to hear this news but would like to wish you well Colin, it was a great time playing in the band whilst you were conducting. Wishing you and Sarah every happiness with your new arrival and in everything you do. Sorry not to have seen you at Butlins

    Best Wishes

  3. Chunky

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    Hi Iain

    I shall pass your message onto Colin & Sarah!

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