Report on the Wessex Band Summer School

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by hornguy1, Aug 16, 2004.

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    The Wessex band summer school recently held its 35th course, details of which can be found here:

    Award winners for the course were:
    Andrew Pitts Plate – Simon Cooke
    Courtney Basanko Shield – Allistair Smith
    Silver Jubilee Shield – Bebecca Spinks
    Sarum Sound Cup – Matthew Blunt
    Angela Lowe Cup – Francis Stanton
    Ron Cornelius Cup – James Tiller

    Matthew Stimpson
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    think you've got the wrong course there steve. The wessex band course is based near bournemouth. Hope people enjoyed reading the article of a fantastic week.
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    im very disappointed that you didn't mention the scintillating sock puppet act mr matt!! just wait 'til i get home to huds!!! :wink:
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    That was classic!
  6. hornguy1

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    well its just cos i loved the history of wessex!the socks were very good yes yes yes!can't believe we didn't win though! suppose its cos people are bringing real talent to the show now! (didn't mean the sock there)!!although marc was fantastic!
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    errr. yep i did! ---> it was late!
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    hey thanks! :D
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    So it should be, there was a very hard working team trying to write such a great strip. Funny how a few beers can help create a classic moment!!
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    i thought that was what the whole talent show was about!we managed 10 minutes to make the props and rehearse!pretty good i think!yeah yeah yeah the socks were good!marc was fantastic!
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    Matt I certainly do agree that the history of Wessex showed pure talent and fantastic acting. It's rumoured that many thought that the characters were played by the originals they were that good. What was that sock thing all about anyway? It stank!! :lol:
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    you're right it did- but then they "put their feet in the shower!" so they became all nice and clean!!!!!!! :p :lol: :bounce

    to the tune of hakuna matata....

    put your feet in the shower
    what a wonderful smell.........