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    He's not in the at the moment it's Thorpe and Flintoff :-D
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    Good idea.

    Flintoff for West Ham...
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    I don't think it's the manager who's the problem at West Ham at the moment. I think it's"former premiership club syndrome" where former premiership clubs struggle to get back up there and so panic season after season and sack their managerson a regular basis thus not allowing time to build a squad properly.

    Other such clubs include Derby, Ipswich, Sheffield Wednesday etc etc
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    Difficult to agree with that Roy.

    Whils the FANS might suffer from FPCS, Pardew is an experienced manager in Division One/Championship and has completely rebuilt the team bar Repka (*sigh*) since relegation. Having done that, the team is still weak at key moments. (Like when they're playing at home.)

    I didn't like the thought of Pardew in the first place - there's defintiely no reason to like him in the hot seat now.

    Andy Wooler's current signature says it all.
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    Just a moot point bruv but when was the last time you went to Upton Park, was it when you played with ELB nee WFCB for the opening of the Bobby Moore stand?
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    I also have to disagree here - West Ham have a squad perfectly capable of doing the job - but not when they are a) played out of position & b) switched around so often there is no consistency.
    I am a season ticket holder and put up with Pardew's lack of ideas week in and week out. His substitution strategy comes straight out of the Redknapp school - too late and the wrong one comes off the pitch.

    Lord Brooking had the same people yet managed to string a few wins together.

    For me, it's most def. time for a new manager - this one has lost the plot.