Rennaissance Cornetto FS Maker MONK

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    A repoduction of the renaissance cornetto - great fun but hard to master!
    This is a resin cornetto made by christopher monk comes with brand new mouthpiece and "How to play Cornett" Book
    The mouthpiece is a small trumpet type so suits high brass players best.
    They are rare and tough to get also not many people playing them here in the UK!
    RRP was £245 back in 1998 when this was bought!
    The book is brand new - RRP £28

    I`ll post and package anywhere in the UK free
    looking for £140

    drop me an email at and prefereed payment via paypal please!

    Grant Golding
    Jupiter Endorsed Artist
    Blast Music Education
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    Rennaissance Cornetto FS Maker MONK

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