Remembrance Sunday

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  1. moty2000

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    Just a quick poll to see if other bands charge for their services on remembrance Sunday? We used to do the parade for nothing as it was our local village and ask for a donation to funds. We have recently started to charge as we are not have many members who can not march and we have to get deps etc so we incur costs. I have now been told we are being uncharitable and wondered if this was the case or if it is normal to charge.

  2. Fat_Bari

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    I know our band does not charge anything, usually just a pie and a pint own the local. We receive great support from the village throughout the year and as the event is attended by all the other local organisations consider it part of out pay back. We do tend to play with whoever can turn up is it's difficult to get help from other bands that day as they tend to have their own services to attend. We don't have to play on the march though as we are lucky enough to have a pipe band in the village so it's just hymns, last post etc and a church service to follow.
  3. StellaJohnson

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    Most bands are in the same boat by not having enough players for or reason or another but we all manage. If you haven't enough for the march have you spoken to the organiser for a compromise, i.e just a few hyms in the church? I do think its uncharitable to charge, this practice may affect other jobs in the local area for you. Also, soldiers gave up there lives for our freedom, at least your band can do is make the effort for half an hour FOC to show your respects
  4. Backrowdiva

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    We don't charge, but we don't march, A pipe band does the march, but we play for those in the church who can't/haven't marched, hymns and the last post during the service and a couple of tunes after. I would say it was uncharitable to be paid, i'm sure the organist/choir would be paid as normal, and the vicar conducting the service will have been paid, but I see it as the bands donation to the service men and women of this country.
  5. Accidental

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    there's no poll..... :confused:
  6. MoominDave

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    We don't charge, but we do split the profits of a concert in the evening with the British Legion. Always a nice concert with an appreciative audience. Makes for a long day though!
  7. Gazabone

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    Not only does my band not charge a penny, we even organise the event. Must be difficult to fing a dep on that Sunday each year!
  8. mattthebass

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    I know that definitely three out of the four bands in Bolton charge, and one band in Chorley charges. Charges vary between the bands
  9. sunshine

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    We don't charge, and haven't done so during my 23 years in the band A drum and pipe band play for the march and our prinicpal cornet plays the last post at both the wreath laying service outside and the main remembrance service inside the church. We also play a couple of pieces whilst the congregation enter and leave the church. It is one of two jobs that we do free of charge each year and would never ask to be paid.
  10. PeterBale

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    We don't play for the church service itself, but meet the others outside the church, playing for the march and the service at the Cenotaph. We don't receive a payment, as is the case for other community activities we are involved in, such as the annual Civic Carol Service. There are spin-offs, though, as The Salvation Army has occasionally been adopted as one of the mayor's charities for the year, and it helps seal our position in the community.
  11. ploughboy

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    No Charge for a community event like that, although if we do a march or service elsewhere we would charge, but in the village it's always free
  12. iffytboner

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    We are in the same boat - can't march so we just play for the outdoor service. Wouldn't dream of charging. Don't think deps should charge either unless it costs them a LOT to get there. This is a once a year event in memory of those that are responsible for us being able to lead the lives that we do.
  13. GJG

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    As far as I am aware we don't ask for a fee for Remembrance Sunday (Parades before and after the service, playing hymns in Church, and performing at the War Memorial ceremony), however I couldn't say categorically that the local British Legion branch don't make a token donation to band funds. If they didn't I think we would still expect to do the job FOC anyway, as it is a community event.
  14. Marsden Silver

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    We have never charged for Remembrance Parade, we once did one in the afternoon for another village who moved their parade to accommodate us as their Village band wanted to charge, we also did that for nothing as well .
  15. Basstiger

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    No charge here or where I was before. Here we march, and as above usually with who can make it, where I was previously we were static but played a march for the parade both into and out of the church, plus the hymns, and a little private wreath laying at the legion afterwards. Sorry but something sticks in the throat with charging for an event like that.
  16. michellegarbutt

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    we don't charge and I would be disgusted if we did. In fact it costs us as we always order and pay for a wreath as well. Personally I consider turning up and playing is the least I can do to honour the memory of my late grandfather and all those who fought so I can live in freedom