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    I think I heard once that a band which is in a section for the first time (either through being promoted or relegated the previous year) can't be relegated straight away - is that correct?

    e.g. Foss Dyke in Midlands. They were relegated last year from 1st section to 2nd, and I think as they came last today they will find themselves in the bottom two in the rankings (2 years average result + 10th place today). Will they be in the 3rd section next year?

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    No, that's not right.
    The relevant grading rules are:
    the two bands with the lowest aggregate placings over the last three years will be relegated. In the case where two or more bands tie with equal last placing, then only these bands will be relegated. If two or more bands tie with equal second to last placing, then these bands, in addition to the last placed band, will be relegated.

    In sections where there are ten bands or less in the grading tables, only the band or bands with the lowest aggregate placing over the last three years will be relegated.

    Bands promoted or relegated will be given an average position for the years prior to promotion or relegation to that section.

    There's absolutely nothing in there about any bands getting a 'bye', its just a straight numbers game.
    It would be very unusual to go straight down in successive years, but its as much about the other bands' results as your own.
    If in doubt about the maths, then ask your area committee to confirm - L&SC produce provisional grading tables on the day which is great because it takes away all the confusion and speculation, maybe you could ask your region to do the same thing?
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    Thanks. Foss Dyke isn't my band (I play for Melton in the 4th and by the way well chuffed with 6th today!) but am friends with a couple of people in it. Don't know whether it's a quirk of the Midlands but the 2nd Section has 11 bands in the table (against about 18 in 1st and 3rd section) which means that 4 out of the 11 bands each year (the two newly promoted and relegated bands) all go into the year with the same average scores, and any bands positioned worse than them are inevitably only a point or two adrift of those four bands. Basically get into the second section (whether promoted from the 3rd or demoted from the 1st) and finish in the bottom two in your first outing and you're very likely to go down. Obviously it works the other way as well - if any of the "new" bands to 2nd section won today they would have gone up straight away...

    Not particularly saying it's a good or bad thing, but the way it works out in Midlands is that there aren't really any long standing 2nd section bands.
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    Having had a quick look at the 2nd section results for the midlands along with grading tables it does look as though Foss Dyke along with Porthywaen will be relegated into the 3rd as of Jan 2013 and raunds and shirebrook going up. Until the official tables come out though this is only my 'guestimate'. Trentham and Newhall look set to go up from the 4th section to 3rd, 1st section looks like phoenix and ratby coop will go up and wellington and shirland coming down, Long eaton and Daventry going up from 3rd to 2nd and croft silver and cubbington coming down into 4th. I haven't looked at the champs section as yet. :)
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    Well, up here in the Scottish Area, I have heard that Kinneil band will be in the 2nd Section, just a year after it was relegated to the 1st from the Championship section.
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    My guestimate is that Burbage Buxton also go up (2 lowest sets of points) as Trentham and Newhall are tied on 14 (Burbage on 14.5).
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    1. From "The National Rules" (appendix 1):

      n the sections 1, 2, 3, 4, the bands with the two best aggregate placings over the previousthree years will be promoted. In the case where two or more bands tie with equal first placing,then only these bands will be promoted.
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    I do think this seems unfair to Burbage Buxton after winning the section and for the sake of .5 of a point. Maybe they will do it by winning the Finals? :)