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    I just thought as a name that was starting to crop up on thing here I'd reintroduce myself as itst about a year since I posted. I'm Andrew, From Holme on Spalding Moor and I'm a Brass Bander (Waits for AA type applause) I'm playing cornet with the Golden Rail in York (Non contesting younger brother of the RI) It's Good to be back in the saddle after a short (lack of employment )break So Hi guys and look forward to more Posts
  2. Welcome Andy,

    You are pretty close to us in Driffield, so if you are fancy a blow on a Friday night, it'd be great to meet you.
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    Hi Andy

    Might take you up on that over the next month or two Andy (Where in Driff do you practice, I know the town pretty well as I used to live in Langtoft)


  4. We rehearse in the Bell Hotel. 7.30pm

    You'd be welcome to take a look at our website for any further info.
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    Thanks Andy
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    Hi Andy,

    Is there any chance I could take you up on the offer of a blow tomorrow night. (Fri 2nd March)


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    Hi Andrew,

    You would be welcome any Friday.
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    Hi Jim,

    Will see you later then