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    As usual The Harrogate Band will be offering rehearsal facilities in our bandroom (and possibly elsewhere in town if the demand exists) during the weekend of the Lower Section National Finals. The bandroom is approximately two minutes drive from the International Centre and there is ample parking for cars and/or coach.

    Music stands, full percussion and tea/coffee etc. will all be provided.

    Full details will appear on our website very shortly so if your band has qualified for Harrogate and you'd like to reserve rehearsal space please keep an eye on

    PM me for further details.

  2. Straightmute

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    Well done all those who have already been in touch! The booking details are now on the Harrogate Band website - homepage, RH side!

  3. HSB

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    Where is the bandroom? I thought it would be in the north east (which is where you compete). But, looking on the map, you're nearer to St Georges Hall, Bradford than Stocksbridge, etc?

    How far into the north east does one find Harrogate bandoil?...

    Will you come and compete in Yorkshire?
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    Harrogate hasn't moved! But the county boundaries may have done: I understand that it used to be in the old West Riding but is now in North Yorkshire. Bands from North and East Yorkshire compete in the North of England region - the 'Yorkshire' region is only for those bands in the West and South. We don't have a choice.

    I'd be happy competing at either Bradford or Darlington - both are well run contests - but without the Yorkshire bands I doubt that the North of England would have a viable entry. Admittedly Bradford is closer and it's a shame that we don't compete against all our local rivals, but this system does allow more Yorkshire-based bands the opportunity to reach the RAH.

    Anyway back on topic: the bandroom IS very close to the contest venue!

    Cheers D
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  5. Steve

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    We used the Harrogate facilities last year and were delighted with them. Well organised, clean, tea and coffee etc and the guys from Harrogate band who open up the room even tell you the band sounds great :D
  6. Brasspenguin

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    Good to hear we get some things right!

    Most of the qualifying bands have been contacted with the details of the Harrogate Band rehearsal room, but there are some that are proving elusive (at least to email/web communications). If anyone has contacts with the following bands, please either let me have the details or point them in the direction of the Harrogate Band website.

    Barton Town
    ****ington (this is B O L L I N G T O N)
    Broxburn Silver
    Foss Dyke
    Haverhill Silver
    Lostock Hall Memorial
    St. Pinnock
    Thundersley Brass
    Wincanton Silver

  7. Blagger

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    PM me with contact details and i'll get back to you.
    ( old website is out of date - new one v. soon )
  8. HSB

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    Top answer, I doff my cap (it's flat) accordingly! Don't risk some room in the hotel you've not yet seen, book a proper bandoil!
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