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Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by Lotta, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Lotta

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    We are staying at The Old Swan for the Nationals and wondered if anyone knew of any rehearsal places within walking distance (as we have no transport on the Saturday)? Our hotel wanted £150 for a 2hour spot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Any help will be gratefully received

  2. Chunky

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    We used Harrogate Bands rehearsal room. From what I remember its fairly central. Their site can be visited via
  3. FlugelD

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    St David's have qualified for Harrogate twice in my time with them, and both times we've used Harrogate's facilities for the day-of-contest run-through. Given the *dead* quality of the conference centre, not ideal, but pretty damned good - wish we had the same for normal rehearsals....
  4. Straightmute

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    I'm tempted to suggest that if you can afford to stay at the Old Swan a mere £150 for a rehearsal would be well within your budget! But failing that, I'm sure that Gavin Holman will be able to tell you if there's still room in our bandroom.

  5. kajoh8

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    rehearsal rooms harrogate

    Unfortunately that seems par for the course and if you dont move fast you will find that availability will be a problem. This along with the extortionate cost of B and B over the week-end means raising funds is getting in the way of the preparation for the Nationals. good hunting!!!!
  6. kajoh8

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    PS Harrogate Band Bandroom seems to be a great option but was fully booked for the times we needed and that was in March!!!!!
  7. sandy

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    Rehearsal Room

    I book rehearsal rooms for silk brass ,try the local churchs who may also have roomsattached some will state a fixed price or will just ask for a donation The contact numbers can be found on the net good luck sandra

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