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    The Newstead Welfare Band are competing at Pontins next week and have arranged an overnight stay in Wrexham rather than staying on the camp for the week end. Unfortunately the hotel chosen does not have a room suitable for rehearsal facilities and are on the look out for a suitable rehearsal venue for Saturday late afternoon and Sunday morning at around 9 am. If anyone lives in the area or has any ideas please let me know asap.

    Melanie Cooper
    Newstead Welfare Band
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    Yes the Point of Ayr bandroom is a mile or so from Prestatyn , the former chairman is a gent called Jim Mealor , I know other bands use the bandroom as a rehersal facility.
    Also Wrexham Brass might be an idea , they reherse in the NEWI institute near the Racecourse football ground in the town , the NEWI campus is really busy so it might be late in the day to find space there , the number for NEWI is ( 01978 )290666 , I dont have a contact number for Wrexham Brass but the conductor wayne rushton is a TMP member