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  1. Eileen

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    Is any other band having difficulty in contacting the registry. I tried for two weeks before Pontins contest, and all I got was the answer phone, saying they would get back to me, and never did. Ashton -Under-Lyne badn are also haveing trouble, they have been trying since the contest to phone and text, but they have had no reply.
    Eileen Hazel Grove band
  2. postie

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    Very surprised to be honest I have been in touch with Colin Johnson from the registry in the past couple of weeks and find him very helpful indeed.
  3. ekimmort

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    I had to contact the Registry a couple of days before Pontins. Colin Johnson answered the phone straight away, and our business was sorted within minutes.
    May I suggest that you Fax the Registry if you are having a problem.
  4. scotchgirl

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    Are you sure you've got the right number? I've never ever had any problems with Colin at the Registry, although they are quite often snowed under with work....they even work Saturdays occasionally just to get through the amount of transactions that they do - especially around the time of big contests.

    You can also email the Registry too - and for last minute things, they can often send you fax or email copies of stuff that you need.
  5. Hells Bones

    Hells Bones Active Member

    Yeah, we just did a transfer and had no problems with it, even though they must have been a little annoyed with us... :oops:

    Sorry guys!
  6. Eileen

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    the number I have got for the registry is 01226779139. and yes in the past I have always been able to contact them and Colin is absolutely great, but on this last occasion I have phoned and Ashton have phoned and e-mailed and we have got the answer phone, left messages and they have never answered us. I have just tried again and the same thing happened.
  7. Di

    Di Active Member

    The number given on the Registry website is slightly different to that:

    01226 779136 :)
  8. Eileen

    Eileen New Member

    yes sorry typing error on my part, 136 is the number I have been dialling
  9. lynchie

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    I have to say that, like the majority here, I've never had a problem getting in contact with the Registry, so I find it surprising that you're having so much trouble. I guess the only option is to keep trying.
  10. Di

    Di Active Member

    Ah right, didn't know whether it was a typo or not. ;)