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  1. just a little something involed in banding that ive wondered about for a while now.

    what is the process for a new band wanting to enter the 4th section for contesting?

    if anyone could tell me about what a band has to go through with this i would be grateful

    Cheers :)
  2. lewis

    lewis Member

    It's pretty simple really, just ring Colin Johnson at the registry and he'll send you a batch of new registrations cards and a very simple form to fill in as well.

    The only question they will ask is if you have a lot of players that have played in higher section than the 4th and if you have they might want to assess and maybe put you in a higher section.

    It is surprisingly easy to register a new band though, good luck.
  3. cheers mate, sounds good to me, i think it should be pretty easy then, do you have any contact details for this colin johnson?

    you can PM the details to me if you might not be allowed to post the info in a replying post

    thanks again, CliVE
  4. michellegarbutt

    michellegarbutt Supporting Member

    The registrys telephone number is 01226779136
    Their fax number is 01226771482 and their website address is

    Colin is an extremely helpful sort of chap who always gives good solid advice.
  5. cheers michelle

    i'll give that site a browse :)

    thanx 2 both of ya :D

    CliVE !

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