Registration, do we need it?

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by simonbassbone, Feb 21, 2012.

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    My answer to that would be a very firm 'So what'.

    If a player is associated with your band in some way and is happy to perform for them then that's simply the way it is.

    The only criticism I can see of fielding the players you want, whenever you want, is that some bands may simply replace their existing players with better players come contest time. This can have one or more of several effects..

    1) It could help to encourage the existing players to improve
    2) it could mix things up so that players experience different levels of playing, and different outlooks to playing
    3) it could put players off, ancd cause problems for the band long term

    and plenty of others..

    Regardless of the outcome, this is a thing for the band themselves (and/or each contest) to deal with and suffer the consequences (or benefits), and should have nothing to do with some centralised registration facility to police.
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    I agree completely agree. Every band will run themselves in the way that works for them... if they choose to ship in "talent" for contests then find themselves with a weaker band for concerts then that's a risk they take - it works well for some bands and not so well for others.

    There has often been talk on similar topics about how forward thinking our European cousins are - does anyone know what the registration rules and regulations are in say Norway or Sweden? (I don't and would be interested in knowing a bit more!).
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    Hmm. I've obviously not spent enough time being facetious on here recently. That's the second time in reasonably quick succession that a wry comment has been responded to as if it were serious.

    [The point was to reference those many bands who model their jacket designs on Dyke's, btw...]

    I will make an effort to spend more time being facetious in order to help people recognise it.
  4. Sonorous

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    Sorry Dave, didn't pick up on the quip :) But this is the sort of view people often (understandably) have so it was a worthy topic of debate anyway!
  5. MoominDave

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    I don't think you missed out on much in the hilarity stakes...
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    Might I refer you to "Beachcomber"? He always rang a bell when he was about to be funny/facetious/sarcy etc, just so that everyone would know for certain. :D
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