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  1. Space Cowboy

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    There are quite a few threads on here about the merits or not of having registration for players to avoid issues related to deps/ringers/cheating.

    Is it any different paying a top conductor to take your band at the areas / other important contest than bringing in a top player? Some conductors seem to conduct bands in multiple regions each year and some conduct multiple bands in the same region.

    My question, therefore, is:

    Should conductors be registered to bands in the same way players are?
  2. Chris Hicks

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    Interesting you bring this up, as only yesterday we were discussing this in the car on the way to a concert! The argument against it was it could be argued that it's restriction of trade, so there could be a legal issue with forcing conductors to only conduct one band.

    It's not an uncommon practice though, but does have very differing results, just look at where the professional conductors brought in for contests came at the West of England championship section.

    For me it makes no difference, if conductors want to conduct numerous bands, then so be it, they aren't playing the instrument so how much affect they really have on the performance is debatable.
  3. Richard N.

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    LOL - if that's true, why are they the only (usually) paid member of a band ?
  4. Chris Hicks

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    Because for a lot of bands their conductors work full time through out the year, as band trainers as well, so that's why they are getting paid, to then bring in a professional who essentially will only shape the piece in a slightly different way, to me, that wouldn't have a huge effect. It'd be interesting to see how many bands would have placed at the areas if they were using their residents instead of professionals, I reckon that not many bands would have done any better or worse then they did.
  5. Posh

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    No MD on their own can win a contest. My own band proved this a few years ago when we needed a guest MD urgently and, although I think he's probably the most successful conductor (on brass band results), he still couldn't get us to play the piece right! :oops:
  6. Given that the conductor is often the only person paid by the band to be on stage, if they were capped to one band, either as a conductor or even banned from sitting end chair in a championship section band, you'd probably get some stop conducting, fees for conductors would go up some would drop out of the game and quality would drop. I can't see any benefit.
  7. FlyingCrow

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    I've always been a fan of playing under different conductors once in a while, there's lots of different things a player can pick up from the occasional different approach. I don't like the idea of restricting conductors either... why shouldn't they try and get themselves work and build on their experiences? + as most of these conductors working with multiple bands are of a high/the highest level, surely we want as many players as possible to be able to experience this.