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  1. lewis

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    Besides Whit Friday are there any contests where players don't have to be registered?
  2. michellegarbutt

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    Easingwold march contest, ripon entertainment contest, teesdale entertainment contest
  3. John_D

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    unregistered section at Bolsover contest
  4. YRBBC

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    Unregistered bands can enter Hardraw Scar and Kiveton, run by YHBBA
  5. lewis

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    Any south of Leeds?
  6. ploughboy

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    Officially you are supposed to play your registered band at Easingwold, you are allowed deps, but it's taken on trust that bands only borrow 4/5 players. Obviously this is abused by many bands!!

    Is there much south of Leeds?
  7. blue juice

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    I was pretty sure you couldn't play 2nd section and above registered players at Ripon cos I wasn't allowed to play last year. Peterg is the man to ask.
  8. DublinBass

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    For the North American Championships and US Open there are no registry ;-)
    (those are both well south of Leeds)
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    Hey, careful now Gary! ;)

    Mark H.
  13. Thirteen Ball

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    Possibly why the attendance is so high at such events eh Gary?

    You've been on and complained about the lack of registry at similar contests before Gary, and it's something I must take issue with. There's a time and a place for player registry, but in my opinion the march season ain't it.

    Contests like Easingwold, Brighouse, Whit Friday and Silkstone are such a success precisely because of the lack of any registration. Anyone can borrow anyone, on the day or beforehand. So, at our most high profile events, Joe and Josephine public see 20-30 (or at delph, around 80) full bands march down the street, rather than half the number of three-quarters-complete outfits.

    That's why they're popular with bands (easy to turn out a full team) and punters (more bands turn out.).
  14. peterg

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    Ripon is a contest where we don't want to start using registration cards again if we can help it.

    The rule on players is quite simple and I am sure is the same for many of these contests. "All players should be registered or `bona fide' members of the respective band."

    The problem arises when conductors/MDs/ band managers don't understand what `bona fide' means means in this context. What I mean by it, and I am sure all the other contest organisers are the same, is that any members that are NOT registered with the band are nonetheless "genuine, honest members of the band. They are not brought/bought in to boost a bands performance for a couple of rehearsals and to play on the day.

    The BIG problem arises when we start talking about an unregistered band but there is another thread on this that has a multitude of comments/ ideas on how to solve this problem.

  15. cha

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    unregistered contests

    Brass in the Park held in Newtongrange each year is a non registration contest. Works well