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    The test pieces for the 2016 Regional Championships have been announced. You can purchase the test pieces and the Regionals 2016 CD direct from Pennine Music Publishing by visiting:


    Les Miserables (Concert Suite)
    By Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schönberg (Section 3+)
    Based on the book by Victor Hugo, Les Misérables has been entertaining audiences around the world since its first performance in London in 1985. Whilst the initial critical reviews were not favourable, the paying public disagreed and the success of the West End musical led to a Broadway production. The show had a big revival in 2012 with the release of the hit film. In this new specially arranged Concert Suite, which features a built in encore – the Epilogue to the show (should you wish to use it) and an optional cut omitting the more difficult sections (making the work accessible to lower section bands), this work gives your band the chance to bring a touch of Broadway to your audience. The Suite features the Prologue, On My Own, Bring Him Home, Master of the House, One Day More & Can You Hear The People Sing? A great audience pleaser and grand concert or contest work that belongs in every bands library.
    Direct Link: Click Here

    Open All Hours
    By Wellington Guernsey & Joseph Ascher (Section 4+)
    The theme tune from one of Britain’s iconic comedy shows is in fact, an old tune entitled ‘Alice, Where Art Thou’. This light-hearted release coincides with the release of the new Open All Hours series starring David Jason who now runs the corner shop years later. A great easy going summer concert item and one that audience members will truly enjoy.
    Direct Link: Click Here

    All About The Bass (Tuba!) (Section 4+)
    By Megan Trainor
    If you’re looking to spice up your concert programme with something a little different, then look no further! It isn’t too often that the lower brass get to take the limelight, With the lower brass being kept busy, the big-band feel to the chorus, this piece can’t help but bring a smile to your face. A must have for this years’ concerts. Hear & View Score:Click Here

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