Regionals 2009: Third Section Test Piece: The Once and Future King, Andrew Baker

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by Di, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. Di

    Di Active Member

    Discussion thread for the Regionals 2009
    Third Section Test Piece

    The Once and Future King
    Andrew Baker

  2. Millsy

    Millsy New Member

    I'll let you know what i think after Wednesdays rehearsal when we have a run through it lol

    Away with the 4th section now and into the new challenges of the 3rd - look forward to seeing fresh faces next March
  3. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    Sounds an interesting one...can't wait to get stuck in!
  4. Anno Draconis

    Anno Draconis Well-Known Member

    We - by which I mean myself and Gareth & Gavin at Jagrins Publications - are pretty confident that this music is error free. There certainly weren't any picked up in Switzerland last November. However if you have any queries about the piece please post them here and I'll do my best to answer them promptly. :cool: If I get any queries by PM I'll try to post the responses in this thread so that everyone here gets the same info.

    Good luck to all the bands playing my piece, and I hope you enjoy it! :D
  5. GC.

    GC. New Member

    Congratulations Andy. Great piece.

    Don't think either of us would actually have believed this might happen when we in Switzerland!!! Great news though isn't it.

    Graham Cole
  6. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    I had a question Andy - The last movement there is no indication of Quaver = Quaver or Crotchet = dotted . . etc, is it expected to be as CD (Q = Q), or is there some interpretation (dreaded word) involved?.

    Still loving listening, did you get to go and "chip in" at the recording?
  7. QAD

    QAD Member

    Thanks Andy,
    Looking forward to this, haven't seen or heard it yet (hoping postie will bring soon). After several years of Walzes in the fourth section, I'm really looking forward to some original music now we've battled our way to the third section (...there isn't a waltz is there???? ;)).
  8. Anno Draconis

    Anno Draconis Well-Known Member

    @Graham: Many thanks! And despite Blackpool and Bradford not being quite as glamorous as Montreux I think I'm possibly looking forward to them more :eek:

    @Garry: Definitely quaver=quaver, as per the CD. I wasn't at the recording as I couldn't get down to South Wales on the nights they were doing it, but as Gavin from Jagrins is now playing for them he was my proxy!

    @Huw: You're safe. No waltz! :D
  9. Aurora771

    Aurora771 Member

    My band has the piece. Haven't played it yet. I've been trying to find a recording of it online, and no such luck. I may have to see if anyone buys the Regionals CD, or heaven forbid buy it myself?! :eek:
  10. KMJ Recordings

    KMJ Recordings Supporting Member

    It'll eventually make it onto the WoB site as a download.
  11. KMJ Recordings

    KMJ Recordings Supporting Member

    Samba? Rumba?
  12. Dave1

    Dave1 Member

    I don't think King Arthur did the Samba ????????????:)
  13. Dr.Crippen

    Dr.Crippen New Member

    Oh Dear
  14. Crazysop

    Crazysop Member

  15. Anybody got any idea what the percussion part is like please
  16. Millsy

    Millsy New Member

    Ran through the piece last night - what a cracker!!!!! 3rd movement is fantastic! It mashes you're head up with all the time changes lol.
    We played it as Q = Q, i think it makes sense to do so.
  17. Aurora771

    Aurora771 Member

    How many movements in this one?

    Oh, and how does the Euph part sound?

    *thinks* I thought King Arthur was into the Tango...
  18. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    Last night - have I slept through 3 months and it's Jan already? all sounds very keen to me!!
  19. Aurora771

    Aurora771 Member

    Hahaha. Yeah, I'll probably ask to look at my part, the whole band playing the piece for the first time is probably a couple of months away.
  20. tat

    tat Member

    Your lucky, the first time we normally have a full band sat down to play it is on the day!!