Regionals 2009: Second Section Test Piece: New World Sketches, Daniel Price

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    I love this test piece a big huggy bunch, hope you guys do too :), although I think I'd perfer to have knackered lips by the end of the piece, it'd make me feel like I've done some work.
  3. Mesmerist

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    I thought this one had gone quiet time to kick it of again So whats new then???
  5. Mesmerist

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    We have done 4 hours on NWS today. I am sooo tired. we are not there yet this piece is harder than it looks...
  6. brassbandmaestro

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    I know there are some tricky parts in NWS, but I still think it's not a t-p, I still think of it as a concert item.
  7. leisa

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    I am actually excited about playing NWS tomorrow now, It has re-grown on me slightly this week
  8. tubbytuba

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    Another weekend off lol well almost!!! A small group of us play at most of the Cornish Pirates home rugby matches and we will be there tmmrw at the Camborne rugby ground and then back to it with a vengance on Monday onwards,its our week with Alan Morrison to give us that final push before Torquay next week. Our youngsters have another two test pieces on the go as well Quintessance (Robert Readhead) and Purcell Variations (Kenneth Downie) to cope with as well as NWS poor devils lol
  9. brassbandmaestro

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    Good luck Leisa and all the Yorshire bands this weekend.
  10. MarkGillatt

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    Well, I've just sobered up enough after yesterday to type something legible. I love NWS, loved it from the first time we played it. Was getting a bit concerned during rehearsels with some parts being a bit sloppy rhythmically, but eventually we got it together. Percussion section was a nightmare, only played as a section on Friday for one rehearsel, was playing from 3 parts so my eyes hurt like mad.
    Our performance was outstanding, I can't hear a single duff entry, the tuning is good, well controlled dynamics, tempo's adhered to, and the style of the piece was unbelievable. Playing off number 1 draw is always tough, but we went off stage knowing we had saved our best performance for the contest stage. Nothing left to do now but calm the nerves with a beer or twelve in the Queen Vic. When the results were announced, I don't think a single member of the band could believe it, we had played well before at regionals, but got nothing so maybe we were expecting the same, but when they announced that our PC had got the soloists prize, we dared to hope (Congrats Simon, well deserved :clap: ) Second place is our best ever result in the 2nd section and a great deal of thanks must go to the stick wagger David (Valvecap) Nichols. Congratulations to Holme Silver, it must have been a blinding performance! Well done to all at Frickley South Elmsall, on to the Nationals, and who knows? lol, well, we can all dream :D
  11. huggie

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    Dave gave the best performance with the baton I have seen since i've been with the band, totally relaxed and enjoying himself. In doing so he drew an absolutely cracking performance from the band. Well done Dave :clap:
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  12. tubbytuba

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    A 3hour practice tonight with Alan Morrison and some real nitty gritty stuff,im tired now lol.Got home to look at 4bars rest and now the kiss of death from them lol
  13. Mesmerist

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    We didn`t even get a mention from 4 bars rest. Perhaps because we chose to skip the Torquay contest in november and go to leicester instead? Are we bothered? Nah... Whether we come last or first we will give it our best shot then get on with something else!!!
  14. tubbytuba

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    Thats the attitude Messi,the predictions are only fun though,its down to the men in that box as the old saying goes lol
  15. Val.M

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    On our predictions on 4barsrest, they say we played at The Derby contest a few weeks ago and came second! We wasn't even there... If they based their predictions on that result, it looks like some other band will be down for coming 4th!!
  16. Pav

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    Think they combined Derby and Leamington into one mega-contest in the write ups. Either way think we should get a cup for it.
  17. Val.M

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    Too right!!! Sounds like we missed out on a good night out celebrating too!!!:D
  18. brassbandmaestro

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    Had band last night, minus the principal Eb Bass!! It was alright, though. Eventually had praise from the MD, no bad! I enjoyed last night's rehearsal.
  19. MissRepiano

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    Well i'm pretty schocked with our prediction!! That's all I have to say!
  20. Laserbeam bass

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    Looking forward to the 22nd March, when it can be consigned to the darkest depths of our library, otherwise known as Room 101, where no doubt it will shrivel up and become a modern piece of yellow music.