Regional Test Piece Workshop. Jan 3rd.

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  1. ploughboy

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    Morning Folks, I've just had this on the email today and am posting it for everyone's benefit. .

    I went to the last one of these (2 years ago) and it's a must for any lower section conductor, I gained valuable insight into how Adjudicators prepare and think about the test piece's coming up at the regionals.

    I've already got it my diary and hope to see many conducting collegues there. . . .


    Cleckheaton Sports Club, Bradford Road, Cleckheaton, Yorkshire BD19 5AG. SUNDAY 3rd JANUARY 2010.

    The Association of Brass Band Adjudicators will be holding their Annual General Meeting during the morning of the above date at the Cleckheaton Sports Club. Following this meeting ABBA is joining forces with No2 Area of The National Association of Brass Band Conductors in promoting an Open Workshop covering the chosen works for Sections 4 -3 and 2 of the Regional Test Pieces for 2010.

    This workshop which will commence at, will be open to any interested party to attend. Each piece will be introduced by a member of ABBA who will outline the various points of interest from an adjudicating aspect. The Skelmanthorpe Band, Conductor John Roberts has been engaged for this workshop. Ample opportunity will also be given to members of the NABBC and anyone present to contribute both practically and verbally during the exploration of each piece.

    It is proposed to allow 1hour 15mins. for each piece, with a break for light refreshments at some stage during the proceedings. This should result in a finish.

    There will be no charge for admission.

    In promoting this workshop the two Associations are keen to encourage a large attendance.
    It will provide an excellent opportunity for Players, Conductors, Adjudicators and all who have an interest in Competitions to exchange views on the many varied aspects of Contest Promotion, Preparation and Adjudication.

    Mal Brownbill. PRO. ABBA.

    It's junction 26 M62, only 2 mins off the motorway. . . Worth the trip I promise you. . . .
  2. Al

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  3. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    I can't seem to get that link working Al - Was that the one at DobX?

    With all the regular discussion that takes place on here about the various results/adjudicators over a year I'd have thought the opportunity to listen to these guys talking about how they are approaching this years test piece's would be very interesting to a lot of tMP members. . . .

    Last time (08) Philip Harper made the trip across and was talking about Darkside of the Moon and he was in the box at Yorkshire that year! Great inside track!

    Anyone else going?
  4. Frontman

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    I will be there Mate.
  5. Al

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    I think the forum software trunkaes the url. anyway here is a better link:

    yeah, it was the one at dobcross.
  6. ploughboy

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    I went over to the DobX one, with Peter Parkes? I thought he didn't give alot to the conductors, just worked the band. Got more out of chatting with freinds and other conductors whilst he got on with ignoring us. I got so much more out of the ABBA event last time. Cheers for the better link tho. . .
  7. Al

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    Regarding the workshop at Dobcross with Peter Parkes. I see what you mean. I had never been to one of these before and thoroughly enjoyed it. I think the reason I went was because Peter Parkes was involved and remember seeing him conducting Black Dyke in the early 1970s when I was a lad. It was good to meet him and have a chat. Perhaps there could have been more interaction with the audience/conductors, although I thought there was a fair bit.

    It was good to briefly speak to Andrew Baker (forum:- Anno Draconis) composer of Once and Future King, 3rd Section test piece, although having later further studied the score I would have liked to have discussed his work at some depth. Perhaps in the bar at Blackpool this year?!

    I don't think I will be able to make this year's workshop anyway (plus the weather is looking dodgy) but having adjudicators pointing out points of interest looks to give an advantage to any conductore who are there.
  8. basebonetone

    basebonetone Member

    Are they not doing the top section piece?
  9. Al

    Al Member

    Arban dodgers only, it seems
  10. PeterBale

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    They don't generally include the top section piece - maybe they feel that (A) there isn't time to include everything, and (B) that there wouldn't be the same interest from conductors at the top level, who may well be more experienced and may already have their own ideas on interpretation etc.
  11. robcav

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    Not doing section 1 piece either.
  12. E flat fred

    E flat fred Member

    Message to Ploughboy.
    I would liked to attend but as I am only a Bass player I get lost with directions (2 mins from Jct 26 M 62 is far to vague for me) as well as music.
    Please can you supply directions from the M 62 WEST to the Venue or a telephone number of the Venue.
    Many Thanks and looking forward to the event,
  13. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    No Problem,

    M62 heading east to Junction 26, Drop all the way down to the roundabout (carefull not to stay on the M606 - same exit road to start with!). Take your 5th exit - A58, heading Leeds. Take your first right (at the lights) on to Centurian Way. Park on Left (or right If you wish) Cleakheaton Sports Club is at end of road on your left hand side.

    Hope this helps. Garry.
  14. stotty74

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    Cheers for the info and directions.

    Dont suppose if you know if there is another one scheduled at all? Weather not looking great for the weekend but i'd like to attend this if possible.

  15. E flat fred

    E flat fred Member

    Wonderful directions. No excuse for not making it now. Looking forward to Sunday.;
  16. Beesa

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    I was looking forward to this however the weather forecast isn't looking too good. I have to travel a fair distance and have decided on another engagement that day.

    If it goes ahead I wish all the best, but I wouldn't mind if it was postponed a week or two!
  17. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    I don't know if this one counts for the No.2 area Conductors workshop or not. There may well be another one. . . Malcolm Brownbill is the chap to ask, he's the guy who asked me to put the advert on here . . . .

    Hope the weather stays ok, have a safe trip if you're coming across folks, i'll see you there. . .

    Anyone who wants me mobile in case you get lost, drop me a PM, no problems. well just one! The Mighty Leeds Utd playing at Old Trafford at the same ****** time!!
  18. Tubist

    Tubist New Member

    Can anyone help me out by telling me in which order the test pieces will be played?
  19. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    I believe it's in order, 4/3/2 - it always has been in the past at these events . . .
  20. Tubist

    Tubist New Member

    Many thanks

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