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    IYOUNG Member

    Had the first chance to listen to our recording of the Regional Performance last night and I was surprised by what I heard. It wasn't at all as I remember from the stage.

    What do you make of yours?
    Was it better or worse than you thought when leaving the stage?
    is my feeling symptamatic of what normally happens (it was my first contest)

    Please try not to degenerate into ''we woz robbed even more than we realised''

  2. Red Elvis

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    Personally , in my also thus far limited contest experience , I have found it hard to be objective about our band's performance.The interval between playing and results time is spent fluctuating between the two extremes of feeling that I've just played in the best band in the history of the world and then the worst.

    My first experience was Harrogate in September , where the acoustic was really dead. Was pleaseantly surprised by the recording when it came out , and reckoned it proved our placing (5th) about right.

    Am not as keen to hear the offering from Stevenage - I cracked a few notes and due to the exposed part reckon it will be evident for all to hear !!!
  3. hellraiser

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    Was someone doing a recording at the Welsh areas?
  4. thelawyer

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    The same goes for the Championship Section at the Midlands Areas!
  5. stevetrom

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    I just wish the Midlands Area would record the peroformances, anyone out there from the Midlands Committee?

    The only contest recording I have is when we played at the nationals a few years ago and it was good to listen to and hear something like what the audience/adjudicator heard ("something like what" that has to be bad grammer please help!)

    I think we all get a very odd perspective on how the band played when we are in the middle of it - try arriving late for band and listen from the far end of the band room - horns are you blowing or sucking? ;) and TUNING !
  6. euphonium1214

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    I agree, when I heard my band's recording it was very different. I wouldn't say it was better or worse, just ... not the sound I'm used to hearing! Because I'm familiar with sitting in one particular place in the band, I don't always get to hear how all the different parts fit together, so it was just a totally new experience for me. :p

    On the stage it seemed more muffled and I was surprised by the quality of the band's sound on the recording. Actually, apart from the *deliberate* mistakes in our performance, I couldn't have told us apart from many other bands.
  7. stevetrom

    stevetrom Well-Known Member

    blame your bass trom player, his little brother would have made a better job of it ;)
  8. euphonium1214

    euphonium1214 Member

    Ahh well, these things happen :)
  9. dyl

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    They were using well concealed mics if there were!
  10. Crazysop

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    Was someone recording in the NW areas? I wish they would!!!!!!!! would be nice to hear the performance!!!! As previously said it sounds so different on a recording than it does from your seat. Would love a recording if anyones got one of 3rd section blackpool!!!!
  11. lewis

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    I got the recording from our band yestererday and like IYOUNG I remebered it very differently. I've said this in another thread already I think, but the sound I heard on stage at Stevenage this year was even worse than in previous years and I cannot work out why. I don't know whether I am hearing things differently or that the acoustic really has got worse.

    Well anyway our recording wasn't as good I thought it would be but I still think it's pretty good. It is good to hear these recordings though, listen and learn and all that stuff. All the regions should push their committees to use doyen because it is great to have a recording of a contest performance if it all goes well.
  12. ScreamingSop

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    Yeah, think its a good idea to record bands performances at contests like the Area, Espesially if some Areas already do it.
    Wish North West would!, I know the contest is all on one day and in different halls but it would be nice to be given the oppurtunity.
    We got our recording after the nationals, and yes the Acoustics were awful in that hall, but the recording sounds great.
    Im pretty sure that they used to record the performances at pontins a few years ago. Well they deffinately did, the year Sicilian Vespers was the Piece, cos we have a cd of it.
    Bring it back, I say!!