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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by hellraiser, Oct 7, 2004.

  1. hellraiser

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    Would you be in favour of regional banding?
  2. Trog's

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    What do you mean?
  3. hellraiser

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    Say a regional band would be able to pick and choose the best players from the region to form a band to take on other regions. For example, a Yorkshire band would be allowed to take players from B&R, Dyke, YBS and others to form a super band.

    Welsh rugby have moved towards a regional structure. I wonder if banding will move in a similar direction in the future?

    There's potential for this kind of structure to solve many of the issues in banding. A keen player could still play for his/her village band and get given the opportunity to represent the region if they meet the standard. Then, you'd have less friction between lower section and championship bands because of 'poaching' players.

    IYOUNG Member

    Excellent idea this, something ive been kicking around in my mind in this area, not a regional band as such but a band covering a certain local area which would draw players from other bands in the area and meet on what ever regularity they wished.

    Wouldn't necessarily want to call it a ''super band'' but in effect thats what you would end up with.

    Specific contest rules would have to be adopted to allow it to compete

    But I certainly think its the way forward to allow bandmen and women to challenge themselves at a higher level whilst maintaining their allegience to the own band.

  5. Jan H

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    Al lot of the brass bands in Belgium (and also in Holland) work like this. We don't have a brass band tradition like you in the UK, but we have lots of fanfare and wind bands. Most brass bands here were formed in the last 20 years as a regional band, with the best brass players from the area's fanfare and wind orchestras (but they still keep on playing in their own bands as well).

    For instance, the band from my region is called the "Noord-Limburgse Brass Band", because all players come from the North of the province of Limburg. 12 of its current members play in my fanfare band as well. Similar examples in Holland are Brass Band Limburg (Dutch province of Limburg) and Provinciale Brass Band Groningen (province of Groningen).

    In Holland, almost every province also has its regional fanfare band (the "fanfare band" is the traditional form of band that is typical for Holland and Belgium, consisting of brass, saxophones and percussion). Examples here are the Frysk Fanfare Orkest and the Gelders Fanfare Orkest. These regional bands were found especially to promote the fanfare band music, by commissioning new works and regularly recording CD's
  6. hellraiser

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    The knowledge and experience gained from playing for a regional band would then be fed back to the constituent bands.

    Currently if people leave their village band to play for a championship band, this will leave the village band in a very difficult situation- they won't benefit from the move (unless the player returns, some day). With a regional system there's a good chance that the member will stay loyal, happy in the knowledge that contributing to the village band will not cap any ambitions to play at a higher level.

    IYOUNG Member

    I agree entirely, there would be a need however to satisfy all contributors bands that it was an additional opportunity not a rival opportunity.
  8. hellraiser

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    True IYOUNG.

    I wonder who would oppose this idea and for what reasons?

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