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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by catherine_S, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. catherine_S

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    A friend who is conducting one of our local bands has asked about this. Apparently he has about 20 bars of this march and wondered if it would be possible to locate a full set. The Machine Gun Corps was a short-lived body founded in 1915 and disbanded in 1922 - part of it was divided off before its demise to become the Tank Corps which later became the Royal Tank Regiment. He says he has made contact with Kneller Hall who apparently know nothing about it:confused:

    Assuming this march to be one only used in this limited time frame, I'd guess it to be out of copyright?

    Does anyone have a set lurking in the far recesses of their music libraries? Or have any suggestions for locating one?
  2. FlugelD

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    A couple of Googles and a Wiki or two turns up this link

    Don't know if it helps much ...
  3. Soil Lover

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    Hi Catherine;

    I hope you can pick the bones out of this and get the information your after.

    My Boy Willie as found by FlugelD is the actual Regimental March of the Tank Regiment so possibly won’t be the one you’re after. Whilst I was playing for VBS Poynton (a few years back) we were asked to get hold of a copy of this for the 60th Anniversary of the battle of "El Alamein" (a famous Tank Regiment Battle).

    Any how I digress the route I took was to get hold of the "Bovington Tank Museum"

    Who were very helpful - via a few phone calls later I was speaking directly to the Regimental Bandmaster - whom very kindly sent me a set of Military band parts, which was then arranged by a member of the band.

    Back to the story of My Boy Willie after all that – the gent who had asked to play the march was very grateful but was actually a member of the Lancers and wanted us to play their march - Nelly the Elephant!!
  4. Soil Lover

    Soil Lover Member

    Further research has lead me to this link
    which again suggests you may be as well getting hold of Bovington

    Hope this helps – please let me know how you get on.

    Marcus Jones
    MD – Whaley Bridge Band
    AKA - Soil Lover
  5. thedadda

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    Machine Gun Corp March, The Happy Clown

    Hi catherine_S.

    I happen to play for the Horsham RBL Band and, every year, we play for the MGC Association at Hyde Park Corner.

    I re-arranged the march and have a full concert band score if you would like a copy.

    Please be aware of any copyright problems as I am not sure whether it is out of copyright.

    If you are in the West Sussex area I can arrange to get it to you, or you can collect it.

    I can only guess on postage but, I'm sure, 4 x 1st class stamps on a C4 envelope should cover UK postage.

    Kind regards, Clive Longhurst
  6. FlugelD

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    Like I said, couple of Googles, couple of Wikis. Moral - don't trust a drunken researcher.... :oops::biggrin:


    Hope you find either the right one, or a believable snow job.... ;)
  7. Soil Lover

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    FlugelD - I did not mean to cause offense...... was posting whilst at work so did not review context of post - sorry.:oops:

    Anyway looks like Catherine should now be sorted - tMp works again....:clap:
  8. FlugelD

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    No offence taken - I stuck the regiment name into Google and followed a trail to an incorrect conclusion. It happens... ;) (The wonder of Wikis :biggrin:)


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