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    Hiya ,

    Just wonderin if someone can make a few things a lil clearer for me:

    What date was this festival first established? Was it originally just Thur/Fri night?

    When did they start having concerts on the Saturday night too?

    Also is this festival linked to the Nationals or does it by chance happen to be on the same weekend?

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    also....when did the national 4 sections league turn into 5 sections as it is today?

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    I think theres a section about that on the IBEW site...
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    The Brass Band Arts Festival, as it was first called, was devised in 1996 by Stephen Maw and Paul Pirie, and in the first year featured the trombone group "Spiritual to the Bone". It followed on in a long tradition of pre-contest festivals held at Regent Hall by such SA bands as Cambridge Heath, Enfield and Regent Hall themselves, supported by various soloists.

    The festival was taken over by Philip Biggs Brass Festivals about two years later, and Philip has been responsible for it ever since. There are no formal links with the Nationals organisation as such, although the timing is obviously to capitalise on the number of visitors gathering for the RAH on the Saturday.

    The normal format is for Regent Hall band and songsters to present a programme on the Thursday night, whilst on the Friday there is usually a free lunch-time concert, usually by one of the London college groups, an afternoon programme, a talk on the test-piece and an evening concert. I believe it was two years ago - or possibly three - that they added a Saturday concert to the programme.
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    Thanks alot :) :)