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    Hi All,

    The older style Besson/ B&H bari and euph cases were made of shaped wood with a leatherette covering. Very good and very strong cases. Has anyone ever had any success getting them refurbished or relined? We have a few, and while the wood is strong, the material has deteriorated. We may get some instruments rebuilt, and it would be nice to keep the original case if possible.
  2. scotchgirl

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    could you take them to a leather-working college course, and ask the tutors/students if they could re-line the wood with leather?

    There are furniture restorers who re-leather desks as well...maybe they'd be able to give advice?
  3. Roycoater

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    I think that the material is, or certainly used to be, an artificial leather originally manufactured by the British Leathercloth company which became ICI at Hyde in Cheshire. That business closed and the manufacturing was taken over by Wardle Storeys from Brantham in Essex. I understand that the material is still made by them. The trade name used to be, and maybe still is, Rexine. It is made from Nitrocellulose onto a woven fabric. I am sure that if you contact Wardle Storeys they may let you have some material at a very reasonable price, and if your story to them is good, maybe for nothing .

    Good luck in your quest
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    Listen to the technophile Mr Conway!! I'm impressed. All those 'ines and 'ones's etc! Perhaps you could coat one for us! ;-)

    PS. Good to speak to you earlier again. S'been a while!