Reducing mouthpiece pressure?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by GJG, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. GJG

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  2. Tom-King

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    Yikes that's brutal!

    Heard of this kind of thing before (rims deliberately roughed-up to make them grip better) but never seen anything quite that mean-looking.

    Seen you can get sprung mouthpiece holders as a training aid to help get rid of pressure approaches to playing (personally I'm not convinced that the "minimal pressure for every player in ever circumstance" attitude is helpful at any rate).
  3. Adamskied

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    ****** hell....would be down the hospital
    If I tried to play on that for 2 hours....would
    end up with imprints on my
  4. VegasGeorge

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    Anyone else here remember the Raphael Mendez film showing him walking up to a trumpet suspended from the ceiling by a string, placing his embouchure against the mouthpiece, and playing a high C without touching the trumpet with his hands? Now that's mouthpiece pressure control!
  5. Bryan_sop

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    My teacher at Uni could get a top F (above the stave) balancing his instrument on his thumbs. I could barely get a 3rd space C!
  6. Dabbers

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    That's Claude Gordon's mouthpiece! He was a tremendous player.

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