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    (Appologies to anyone who sent an email to rpbsecretary account we have experienced technical difficulties with it. New email address at bottom of this advert, if you would like to contact us again?)

    Reddish band Stockport, are a 4th section non contesting band. The band has newly appointed Conductor Michael Edge, and we are looking forward to improve our playing standards under his leadership. We are looking for players of any age or grade, or ex players wanting to take banding up again. Players will be welcome to join us on Thursday evenings 8-10pm, on the 1st floor or Reddish Conservative club, Reddish, Stockport, Cheshire. Please see our website for further details. Also you can email our secretary Elaine Cooper on
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    I left a message on your email account, just curious to know why you have dropped Gorton Silver from your band title? I understood that as a condition for Reddish gaining a proportion of Gorton's assets when the band folded, you were to include Gorton Silver as part of your band name.

    Your explanation would be welcome.
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    Yes you are correct, when Gorton Silver Band folded, Reddish Prize band and Timperley Band shared the assets of Gorton Silver. At the time when Gorton folded a deal was done with Reddish that they must incorporate Gorton`s name as part of their constitution for so many years after. [not sure how many years]
    When this time had lasped, the then committee at Reddish decided to drop the Gorton name and to go back to Reddish Prize Band.

    Did you used to play or have any connections with the band? I myself used to play flugel for Gorton Silver in the eightes, and a few players now at Reddish are also ex Gorton players.

    Hope this answers your question.
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    yes, I played Horn for and at times conducted Gorton Silver band in the mid / late 80's, with Frank Cork and later with Kevin Ackford. I was instrumental in getting the band back into contesting, but didn't stick around to witness the short term rise and fall. I've just had a look at your web site and recognise a few names - say hello to Andy McFarlane, Alan Ryan and Billy Abbott for me.

    Graham Randle
  5. Hi Graham,

    Must have just missed you, as I left the band in 1985. I will pass on your regards to Billy etc. We have a spring concert arranged on 15th April at the scout hut in Reddish on Criterion Street. If you are available why don`t you come down to the concert, I am sure that people would love to catch up with old times.

    RPB Secretary