Redbridge Brass on BBC Radio 2's 'Friday Night is Music Night'

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    Redbridge Brass are looking forward to raising the national profile of brass bands later this week by becoming the first band in over twelve years to feature on 'Friday Night is Music Night' on BBC Radio 2. The concert, which was recorded live (and in one take!) earlier this month in Watford Colosseum, is presented by Brian Kay and also features singers Camilla Pope and Paul Austin Kelly as well as the BBC Concert Orchestra, conducted by Benjamin Pope.

    You can hear Redbridge, conducted by Melvin White, performing four pieces in the concert. They open with Paul Drury's march 'Jubilee', followed by Sandy Smith's arrangement of James Swearingen's latin-esque 'Valero'. In the second half of the, Melvin delves into the classical repertoire with Sandy Smith's delicate arrrangement of the 'Humming Chorus' from Puccini's 'Madam Butterfly', before concluding their contribution with 'Triumph (Men of Harlech)' from Peter Graham's suite 'Day of the Dragon'.

    The band throughly enjoyed the experience of performing with such world-class musicians and also revisiting the excellent acoustic of Watford Colosseum - the band have not performed there since winning the London and Southern Counties Regional contest there in 1996, the last year the venue was used for that competition.

    The concert can be heard on BBC Radio 2 this Friday evening, 2nd June, from 7.30pm. It can also be heard at any time for up to seven days after the broadcast via BBC Radio's Listen Again service on the BBC Radio 2 website:
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    Well done Redbridge

    If you look at the DVD extra disks, you will see they recorded the music for the 'Lord of the Rings' films there.
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    Got a nice little plug on the Chris Evans show tonight too (Radio 2 - about 5.35 p.m.)

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    I hadn't realised it had been that long since a band was featured: I have many happy (!) memories of recordings for FNIMN, then recorded at the Hippodrome, Golders Green, and waiting for the split notes from the BBC Concert Orchestra's horn section, which was not at its best in the early to mid 70s :eek:
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    I always catch the closing music of "Friday Night etc." whilst tuning in for LTTB, and the final chords always seem to me to be a contest in the BBC Concert Orchestra Horn section for who can play the highest note !! Anyone else think that? It can be most entertaining.
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    Well done Redbridge. Brighouse & Rastrick were actually on Friday Night Is Music Night 7 years ago when Allan Withington was conductor. Im sure the band will enjoy the evening as we did back then.

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    Fodens were also on Friday Night is Music Night about 5 years ago

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    Another entertaining aspect of FNIMN used to be the trumpets at the start each week (going back approx ten years), you could guarantee at least one split, sometimes there were several!