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  1. englishgill

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    We are missing a solo horn red hymn book and can't seem to work out where we can buy one from - can anyone point me in the right direction?


  2. agentorange

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    I got a couple of spares from band supplies in leeds. I know it's a fair distance but I'm sure they'd post one to you.
  3. Horco

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    We recently got some from Travada 01209 714353 they usually have them in stock as ours arrived next day.
  4. englishgill

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    thanks a lot guys - I'll check these out
  5. Are they the Salvation Army books?
  6. johnmartin

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    Just Music have them on their website
  7. englishgill

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    thanks everyone - I've now sorted this out and a shiny new red solo horn hymn book should be winging its way to me (postal strikes permitting).

    Cheers guys
  8. brasscrest

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    No. The SA books are blue.
  9. GJG

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    But they were red, before they were blue, but still not the same as the "red hymn books", which is confusing ...
  10. Just to make it even more confusing, there were at one stage 2 `red` army books and then I believe they brought ought yet another edition which contained more modern tunes e.g. Kalabar etc. `Twas a long time ago though and I think these were blue.
  11. brasscrest

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    For the SA books, it goes like this:

    In the 1950's (1953, I think) there was an edition of the Band Tune Book (the official name for the SA books). This was supplemented a few years later with more tunes in a second volume. These books were red.

    In the mid-1980s the entire SA Tune Book (and corresponding Song Book) were revised. The Tune Books were issued as two volumes, both with blue covers. All of the tunes that were carried over from the 1950s books were re-arranged, so that they can't be used together.

    To make things even more confusing for those of us in the US, the SA in the US publishes its own edition, with additional tunes (some of which are also in the UK editions) as the "American Supplement". We had a well-meaning band member who was visiting the UK a few years ago and bought a few replacement books for our band while there - but they don't have the American supplement included, which limits our use a bit.
  12. There was a blue book that I played before I left and that was in the early 70`s. Now whether they were the `American` editions or not I`m not sure. I don`t think so though because I think the numbers followed on.
  13. Maestro

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    Songs Of Faith? and the yellow one was Keep singing.
  14. brasscrest

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    Songs of Faith was published by the Canadian Territory - blue covers. Keep Singing was SP&S, in the 1970s, and had yellow covers. There's also Songs of Praise, published in the US (originally called the Youth Songbook) which has brown covers.

    None of these had numbers that carried on from the 1950s books.

    I think there may have been a second supplement to the 1950s editions - I seem to remember a slim book with light blue or perhaps gray covers. When I get home after band tonight, I'll look through my file - I have at least one copy of almost everything that the SA has published since the mid-1950s.
  15. That`s the one. The `Canadian ` bit brought it back. Thought they ran on in sequence but as I said `twas along time ago.
  16. Maestro

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    Think there was a problem or 2 with various songs being in different keys, when using songs of faith. Wasn't there a particular problem at the congress in 77/78? at Wembley? 2 bands playing 2 different keys of the same tune?
  17. Oh. right - the 120 Hymns for Brass Band (now with something like 150 hymns)
  18. Sorry - The 'Extended' 120 Hymns for Brass Band!

    What a con - I bet it's for copyright or something like that
  19. brasscrest

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    It was at the International Congress in 1978 - my parents were there. The song was in both Songs of Faith and Keep Singing, but different keys. The ISB was the duty band. To make things more embarrassing, the Prince of Wales was in attendance.
  20. brasscrest

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    It's not a "con" - it's simply a second edition where more tunes were added. Since the original title was well-known, it's smart marketing to leave the title the same and just add the extra tunes. I doubt anyone would complain because they purchased a book with more tunes than the original.