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    Are you interested in composing or arranging music for Brass Bands? Under the age of 19 on June 13th 2010? Would you like to win a prize for your efforts and have your music published? Read on then!

    The Red Dog Brass ‘Young Composers’ Competition will be held as part of ‘The Big Brass Bash 2010’. It is open to anybody that is in full time education and under the age of 19, with the aims of promoting the music and skills of a new generation of arrangers and composers for Brass Bands.
    The competition itself will be held in three stages. The first will involve a short listing process by a panel of established Brass musicians, with feedback being given to all applications. A short list of four arrangements or compositions will then be performed in an open rehearsal by a Championship Section Band and conductor. The winning piece will then be selected, with the composer / arranger receiving a series of prizes including a live performance by a world famous band........

    Entry rules are quite simple, and are available on our website.
    Visit for more information.
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    PM sent.

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    Hello all,

    Technical problems with the forms have now been resolved!
    Please resubmit forms if you have sent them over the last day.

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    Hi again!
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    Only a few days left to register your interest!
    Closing date for registrations for The Young Composers Contest is December 1st 2009.

    Don't miss out!