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    New Arrangements and Quartets :
    The Red Dog Brass catalogue has now been updated to include a range of junior band music and the launch of our impressive Quartets page. Here you will find something a little bit different from the timeless delights of Palestrina and Mozart to modern jazz classics such as ‘Misty’. Visit for further information.
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    Thank you all for your patience..... The Music files now work!
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    Red Dog Brass are pleased to announce four new additions to our quartet catalogue, which as ever feature a wide reaching variety of genres.
    5 Guys Named Moe is a fast swing arrangement of this great musical song, giving brief fun solo’s to all 4 players and a romp along a walking bass line to go with the main theme.
    Also featured are brand new arrangements of the music of Byrd, Bach, and a delightful jazz number by Watts.
    Visit for more details…….

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