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    Red Dog Brass is pleased to announce a brand new service..........

    Red Dog Brass is the home of a range of exciting new arrangements and compositions for Brass Bands and Brass Players. Launched this month, our site has a diverse range of music for full band, including several exclusives that you won’t find anywhere else!

    We aim to provide music of excellent quality and fun, whether this be for Junior bands or Championship bands, including something for everybody in between. An extensive range of styles and genres are covered, together with a description and idea of difficulty level. All music comes with a full score and set of parts, and is printed to the finest of standards.

    Red Dog Brass have also kindly been granted exclusive access to the music of the ‘National Youth Jazz Orchestra’. The first fruits of this collaboration can be previewed on our arrangements pages, so if you are looking for something a little bit different to make your concert programme go with a bit of swing head over for a look. Future publications will include the compositions of some of Britain’s brightest musical talents sympathetically adapted and arranged for Brass Band. Why not use Red Dog Brass arrangements for your next concert or contest?

    Visit for more information.
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    Thank you.

    Will have a look at the website.
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    Hello all,

    Technical problems with the forms have now been resolved!
    Please resubmit forms if you have sent them over the last day.

    Many thanks,

    Red Dog
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    Hi again!

    Why not visit Red Dog Brass on Facebook?
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    Our New Autumn Catalogue Has Arrived :

    Red Dog Brass is pleased to announce the publication of its brand new series of arrangements that include something for everybody. New pieces include a selection from ‘Les Miserables’, ‘Eliza Aria’ (the splendid music from the Lloyds TSB advertising campaign) and of course a new NYJO exclusive. Each piece is given clear guidelines as to its difficulty, so why not order something to help the new season pass and keep the interest of your players and audiences high!
    Visit for more info......
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    Visit the Website for details of ou Easter sale....
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    Seems to be a problem with the website. Any ideas?

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