Recruitment of players : Black Lion Silver Band [Hereford]

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by m.brannigan, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. m.brannigan

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    Our new band in Hereford requires players of all ages and abilities to join us and take part in its rehearsals. Our first ever rehearsal is April 1st 2008 at the Black Lion Pub Hereford opposite the Left Bank. Rehearsal times will be from 8pm-9.30pm. On the first night could everybody please bring with them a Music stand each.
    My email address :D :D
  2. Kiz7

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    Good luck with the band Matt. Great to see a new band being created instead of reading about another band folding.

    PM me if you would like me to come along for a blow - I can play Soprano, Flugel, Tenor Horn or Cornet for you.

    (Shame the rehearsal isn't a bit earlier as it's just a bit too late on a school night for my daughter as we live in the Forest of Dean so a bit of a drive)
  3. Ffion Flugel

    Ffion Flugel Member

    We're relatively local - an hour away, but Knighton band has rehearsals on Tuesdays, so if you could manage another day, you might get players from there coming over!
  4. davidaus

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    What are you looking to do with the Band - contesting or just fetes?

    I can't remember when City of Hereford folded but it was a good ten years ago!
  5. Mountain Trekker

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    If you were going to be contesting I would be very interested.
  6. m.brannigan

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    I would love you to come a long, do you have any experience in forming a band from scratch? For many years I was the Assistant Musical Director of Belle Vue Brass Band so this is the first time I have ever formed a band on my own as in terms of Musical direction and I feel that this new band will need all the direction it can get. On the positive side of things , we have an excellent group of people to work with. If you require any further information please contact Chris Chennery on : 01432 343 535
  7. m.brannigan

    m.brannigan Member

    Tenor Horn
  8. m.brannigan

    m.brannigan Member

    In my experience of contesting I feel it depends on the quality of the players you have. Lets just say that now we are forming as a band who knows what could happen!!!! It would be nice to contest and take a group of musician to the local area contests but we need to get established first with the view of contesting later.
  9. m.brannigan

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    The first meeting will be the first of April , lets see what happens with the amount of interest we get. We
  10. Kiz7

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    Is that directed at me Matt? As in, thats what you would like me to play?

    Have you got music and stuff sorted or do you need to borrow some for the first few rehearsals? If so, what sort of stuff and standard?
  11. Kiz7

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    You could aim to take part in the Gloucestershire Brass Band Association test piece contest which is in October in the youth/training bands/unregistered section if you wanted a target.

    They would also be good to contact for some advice on how to progress the band (in terms of direction etc). Their website is and some of the committee are online here (Davethehorny is the vice chairman)
  12. ablower

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    I live about an hour away from Hereford, might come and have a blow one week, it won't be the first week as we're away. The only problem is our band practises on a Tuesday
  13. m.brannigan

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    I would love you to play tenor horn , we may need some music stands and a few old instruments to get us started. I have access to a big library , the standard of music that we may require should be popular classics for example when I was playing with Tintwhisle Juniors we used to play "Angels" by Robbie Williams. I have coming "Colours of the wind" and "Lion king."
    Any pieces of music you may have will be of great help!!!
    Thank you
  14. m.brannigan

    m.brannigan Member

    We are looking to find a rehearsal day where by everybody can make it!!!!
  15. m.brannigan

    m.brannigan Member

    Thankyou I will make contact with them. Do you know if they might have any spare equipment that we may be able to borrow to get us started?
  16. m.brannigan

    m.brannigan Member

    I would love any help and suppport you could offer. Our recently installed Chairman Chris is seeking brass lessons on the Tenor Horn if you could arrange something with him me and him would be very pleased.
  17. Kiz7

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    I'll P.M. you over the weekend Matt (got a long teaching day tomorrow - 9.00am till 9.30pm) so will have a think and drop you a message.
  18. Petegit

    Petegit New Member

    New Brass Band

    I am surprised to see that a new Brass Band is being formed in Hereford. We already have two groups,namely Tarrington Brass and Millenium Brass,as well as an excellent Herefordshire Youth Brass Band and Training Brass Band,both run by the Herefordshire Music Service.
    Will there really be enough players to go around,or will the old system of "poaching" rear its head again?! Will be interesting to see what happens!
  19. Kiz7

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    Well, to be honest, I have never heard of Tarrington or Millenium Brass. I know that for many years Ross-on-Wye brass band advertised themselves as herefordshire's only brass band (not sure if they still do) so perhaps if these two bands already in exsistence marketed themselves a bit more then there may not have been a need for another band?
  20. Teflon1961

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    Good luck Matt, best wishes with the venture. :eek:)