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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Sparky, Oct 10, 2005.

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    Just wondering if anyone out there has any advice for recruitment of young people to our training band. We currently have 7 members but would like a lot more. The Schools Music Service does not seem particularly supportive of brass, they seem to favour things like steel bands and african drumming. We offer free instrument loan and free tuition but don't seem to be getting anywhere even after being featured several time in the regional press. Has anyone used any novel, unusual (or just plain successful) methods of recruitment?
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    At my old band we got interest by going and doing little concerts with the training band we had at local school fairs and fetes. Just ring the headteacher and ask if you can go along.

    Good luck!


    We put fliers in the local libraries, council offices and posters in the supermarkets and got the primary and secondary schools to hand out fliers to every pupil. We now have over 25 learners in just under 9 months! Word of mouth is the best advertisement you can get though, many of our learners have persuaded friends & brothers and sisters along.

    Good luck with it, teaching learners is the future of banding!
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    My junior bands is currently 7 strong, with two new beginners, all recruited either by word of mouth or kids ive nabbed from schools ive worked at. The kids i've nabbed then bring their friends etc. I am hoping for more in the near future!
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    Perhaps you could set up a stall - you don't need to make it too fancy or pay lots of money. You could put your 'thrifty' head on ... a few leaflets, posters and a game maybe..

    At the end of the day all you need is to attract 'kids' into learning a brass instrument.

    Yvonne x
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    hi Sparky. have you tried going around the schools in your area?
    try getting a small ensemble together that you can go around the schools with. show them what a brass instrument is, and what it can do. let the kids have a go. thats how i started.

    a lady came to a school assembly and showed us the various instruments in the band, then asked if anybody wanted to try. i did and as the saying goes, the rest is history!
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    we encourage adults as well as kids and we have picked up some retired players as well as parents of the kids. We advertise everywhere, word of mouth local press and local radio and also local websites, libraries council etc

    I do press releases when we get grants for the band or if there is anything newsworthy. They have a page on our main website too and a newsletter. I have sent posters round to all the local schools and given posters to the kids and other band members to put in shops or wherever, I also recruit my own private pupils.........;)
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    Contact other bands in your area and see if they are willing to form a district band for young brass players. Spinoffs from this type of venture has many positives for retaining players in the movement as well as forming new friendships for kids, parents and bandspeople.

    post-edit:- with less youngsters coming into banding, this may be the only sensible way to go about it! Kids may get a bigger buzz out of being part of a fuller band than just a training group.