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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Mike Edge, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. Mike Edge

    Mike Edge Member

    I am looking for some advice on the best ways of recruiting new players for a non contesting band. Why does it seem so hard??

    Anyone got any tips or how did you manage it with your bands??

  2. StellaJohnson

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    You are in quite a saturated area for bands. Have you thought about getting in contact with local schools in the area? Ypu're not contesting so what have you to lose? I would have thought there are a few kids that are having music lessons already.

    My previous band have been very successful at this and gets quite a bit of funding also.
  3. Mike Edge

    Mike Edge Member

    i believe the band has already tried that with no success. I have recently taken over at Reddish Prize Band and we are actively seeking new players to join it just seems there is no interest
  4. lannerfalcon

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    Never an easy task! I have just spent some time looking at Reddish Prize Band website, this is often the first place any potential players may look, it's your shop window. With no disrespect to whoever maintains this there is an awful lot of negativity within it and very little to encourage or inspire people to come along.

    The Blog is an excellent idea to keep people informed of what is going on but maybe you need to be a little bit more creative in exactly what is said, focus on the positives... talk yourselves up even.

    Obviously not knowing the area at all but are there opportunities to get the band out performing more regularly? (the events diary consists of 1 concert, Whit Friday and the AGM) I can't imagine you have a huge following for formal concerts so is it a case of taking the band to the people. (even if it is a band of 8-10 players, there is loads of good music available for reduced numbers).

    Just a few thoughts, good luck with it.
  5. tubafran

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    and perhaps best not to mention on your blog about the purchase of a photocopier and what you are going to do with it ;) though if you've got some nice looking cornet players thats always worth mentioning in a recruitment drive :)
  6. Euphgit

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    The poster above speaks a lot of sense

    The Website is not very good. The theme is pretty rancid (Lime green and grey?!?! yuck!), there are spelling mistakes all over the place, generally it just needs an overhaul (for instance with the blog, it makes more sense to have the most recent post at the top rather than the bottom.

    Eccles have a great website and I'm sure Graham would point you in the right direction for getting a decent website

    Schools are also a great idea, but you need a system in place that keeps children interested in playing once they start attending. All too often bands attract younger players but they quickly stop attending because the band don't commit enough time and effort towards keeping them.

    The more concerts and events you do the better. If you have a smaller ensemble then things like oompah nights can work extremely well, you can talk to local pubs and clubs etc.

    Personally I would love to play with a band that aren't contest crazy but in general there are two obstacles.

    1) Standards are often very poor, Not saying that your bands are but from past experience non-contesting bands seem to completely forsake playing well.

    2) I won't be in Manchester much longer!!
  7. StellaJohnson

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    It takes time to establish yourself as a band that does this. Whatever your stragegy a queue of players wanting to join your band isn't going to happen and it won't happen over night. Word does exventually get round. Toby Hobson and Mark Wilkinson I'm sure teaches at schools around your neck of the woods maybe worth sending them a pm??
  8. murr

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    I started a new band in September and now have 16 players. It has not been easy but with perseverence and plenty of use of sites like this and ibew, who let you advertise for free, many trips around the local libraries, music shops, community centres etc ii can be done. There is the Young person/children's act to contend with if you go down the schools route so you need to have their parents on board as the regs are stricter now. That, however should not put you off. It is hard work and they do not immediately appear but it is proving worth the trouble for me. Good luck with your venture.
  9. Blower

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    Some constructive and helpful advice given here, what a shame you haven't had the decency to acknowledge it. Maybe this is where part of your problem lies; communication skills?
  10. Mike Edge

    Mike Edge Member

    Hi all, Thank you for the all the helpful advise unfortunately as a car sales man march is one of busier months and i haven't had time to repsond. I will be taking all your advise in to practise and if you have anymore thoughts please send them on.
  11. towse1972

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    Nice!....Good Lord....:oops:
  12. longlivetuba

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    Its always good when you get support like that. I clicked on this thread as I have just become Conductor of a brad new band in North London, NLB Edmunton and thought that I might get a few tips on how to get more bums on seats.

    Its sad how some bandsmen are so negative. I have yet to find a band that doesnt struggle to find players so wouldnt it make more sense for us all to encourage as much as we can.
  13. kennywenny

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    Was that a serious post ? ........Ironic name :clap:
  14. needmorevodka

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    Goodness, that's rude, it was only a couple of days until Mike checked back after asking the question, give him a chance!! 'Normal Life' makes it tricky for everyone to sit glued to their computer screens waiting for replies you know. Fine one to talk about having decency..... :rolleyes:

    I clicked this thread as my previous band needs recruitment ideas and I still manage their website. Always interested to hear ideas on recruiting, certainly some good ones here, thanks :)
  15. kennywenny

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  16. KenIrvin

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    I clicked this thread as my previous band needs recruitment ideas and I still manage their website. Always interested to hear ideas on recruiting, certainly some good ones here, thanks :)[/quote]

    We hold a regular (once a year-ish) recruitment workshop. Anyone is invited to drop in and try (in fact that is how I got back into playing after 40+ years off). Has some success as this year we took on 4 new members who are still playing after 6 months, last year not as successful but we did get one player and 2 junior learners
    Its worth a try and if you can get the local paper interested it is good publicity for the band.
  17. Mike Edge

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    Thanks for the repsonses we have since taken the advice given and are launching a new website. That looks and feels like a proper brass band website. As for the negative comments from Blower i think he needs to get a life instead if ripping on people
  18. Mike Edge

    Mike Edge Member

    HI Ken,

    Thanks for that idea i will speak to the band on thursday about doing something like that. All the advice has been greatly appreciated and we are using all your great responses to good effect
  19. Andrew Norman

    Andrew Norman Active Member

    The re-growth of my own band, Cowes Concert Band, has mainly been through older players. There are already bands catering for youngsters and older players sometimes feel left out. This can be a good area to try and recruit from ( and is often neglected). Older players are often more committed.
    We also resrict the majority of our concerts to rehearsal nights - not always the best night to attract an audience but it gets us out and noticed. Lots of church concerts which we do on a split of the collection.
    Finally a shameless plug for my own music which mostly works well with "incomplete" bands and won't shred your solo cornet players' lips.
  20. Blower

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    Hmmm... to be fair Mike had been signed on TMP a number of times prior to any response being made which to me is just rude.

    Anyway, will give the benefit of the doubt and wish him and the band well.