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    Hiya all
    I'm after a copy of Firestorm (Bulla????) and Beatrice and Benedict. Anyone know if any band has recorded these and if the cd's are readily available. I vainly looked on itunes for the tracks but as I might have guessed not a sniff!!! I only really wanted these tracks because generally speaking there'll only be 1 or 2 tracks per cd that I actually like!!!

    Any assistance gratefully received.

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    Firestorm is on a CD by Desford called Brass Dynamics which I think was released on one of the continental labels. It's rather old now so I suspect Ebay may be your only hope! I don't know of any commercial recording of B & B.
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    Listening to a recently-acquired cd, I realised that it includes "Beatrice and Benedict". The cd is "Honest Toil" by the Marsden Band. It was recorded some years ago, but perhaps you could contact them to see if there are still any copies available - I bought mine from ebay, so it may be worth keeping an eye open there as well.

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