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    So basically, I've been set an assignment at uni which involves listening to influential recordings within my repertoire. This is fine for violin players etc. but as a flugel player I'm struggling, so I've decided to look at cornet solos instead.

    Does anyone know of any solo recordings of harry mortimer by any chance?

    And does anyone have suggestions for influential solos recorded by anyone else, preferably over a big(ish) time period (I've been looking into recordings of jim shepherd, phil mccann and richard marshall).

    Thanks in advance,
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    Derek Garside playing "Cleopatra" (Demare) with CWS Manchester Band circa 1958 on a Fontana vinyl LP ~ a dazzling faultless performance. Cornet playing at its very best.

    ~ Mr Wilx
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    If you want to be truly representative, perhaps you ought to include some of the early stuff by Bix Bidabex (not sure if that's how you spell his name) - American Jazz cornet player 1930's.
    Although better known as trumpet players, both Wynton Marsallis and Gerard Schwartz have produced some exellent albums of cornets solos and their 'American style' would give you some contrast.
    Russell Grey playing Arban solos on Arban's own cornet is surely a must, as is David Daws playing Golden Slippers.
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    Listen to James shepherd playing napoli!
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    And also JS playing "Pandora" (High Peak for Brass LP)

    ~ Mr Wilx

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    Derek Garside playing Cleopatra - There is a chap who hosts a brass band radio programme in the north of England. His name is Chris Helme and he knows how to get copies of this. Derek Garside played this with Manchester CWS and it is stunning.
    Philip McCann - playing Czardas - this is on U tube and he plays it with Dykes I think.
    Jim Sheppard on any recording with treble tonguing - a lesson in how to treble tongue!
    Roger Websters Fairies on the water and his Miss Blue Bonnet are awsome. It is interesting to play Roger and Philip McCann's carnival of Venice one after another. Both top notch but both styles so different.
    Jack McKintosh - all his playing was really great when you consider that he did not have the benefit of modern instruments and nor did he have the last 50 years of brass recordings to listen to as we do now.
    Wynton Marsalis - his recording of air varies on cornet are (if you appreciate that he usually plays trumpet) more than a bit tasty.
    I could go on and on......... Best of luck with your project.
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    Influential British jazz cornet players would have to include Alex Welsh (ocasionally trumpet), Freddy Randall and in recent years Digby Fairweather (strongly influenced by Randall).

    In the 50's quite a lot of people we know as trumpet players played cornet instead including Pat Halcox (of Chris Barber band), Humphrey Lyttleton and even Kenny Ball.
    Of American players Wild Bill Davison, Ruby Braff, Warren Vache, Red Nichols, Rex Stewart, Bix Beiderbecke (of course), King Oliver, Bobby Hackett, Mugsy Spanier.
    Have I missed any? There will be others.

    Louis Armstrong switched to trumpet just before he made his hot fives and sevens recordings so if you want to hear him play the cornet you need to listen to the records he made with King Oliver's band (staged photos of him holding a cornet or miming with one in the film "New Orleans" are misleading as its trumpet on the soundtrack).

    Of brass band or orchestral cornet check out Hakan Hardenberger. He did three CD's containing cornet music, one with Elgar Howarth.
    Maurice Andre did a bit of cornet but mainly flugel (check out his flugel recording of Carnival of Venice).

    To me its still Jim Shepherd. Listen to his Napoli with Black Dyke.
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    Influential - upon whom? As brass players we can all admire the technique, but I'm not sure that polkas and air varie solos are particularly relevant to many people nowadays (the small brass band fraternity excepted, of course). The jazz cornettists mentioned above reach out to far more people than those from the brass band sphere, and therefore far more influential. I recall that Bix Beiderbecke was even central to the plot of a BBC drama starring that bloke from The Likely Lads some years back.
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    I was in the RAH when MM gave the first performance of this Concerto. I still have the recording and it remains high on my list of "WOW" moments. He also recorded the Denis Wright Cornet Concerto.

    Others of note would include some recordings by Willie Lang and Derek and Philip Smith. A renowned American cornet soloist was James Burke of the Goldman Band.
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    Can you spot his interesting fingering technique?

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    A femine touch, if you want one.....look up Carol Dawn Reinhart. She was an outstanding American cornet / trumpet soloist who went to Vienna. She was the featured soloist at a RAH National Gala Concert back in the 70's or early 80's.
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    How obscure does a recording have to be before it is deemed not actually influential?
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    Get Wynton Marsalis 'Carnival' It's got Napoli, Carnival de Venice and many others and in my opinion, is probably the best recording of all of them. It influenced me greatly when my teacher gave me a copy of it on tape and I don't think I'd be the player I am now if I hadn't heard it. The sheet music for the album was printed but I think it's now out of print.
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    if you're looking for recording of Harry Mortimer, get in touch with Keith Hollinshead, don't have his number but sure he's still around in the brass band world, and google the 'brass band archive', Walter and Alan will have plenty of old records. Depending on were you live they're happy for you to call in they're in Wigan, or they'll mail you stuff. Back to Keith, he wrote the history of Bickershaw Colliery band were Harry was conductor and with the book came a tape of Harry's solos and band items. Had Alpine Echo's and a triple tongueing sole which the name escapes me. Very good listening and excellent solos. Walter is friends with Keith and will be able to but you in touch.
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    PS if you're struggling to get hold of the tape, PM me and I'll dig the tape out and run you a CD off.