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    Just wanted some advice on any recording companies any of your bands have used. We are looking to do a recording and would value anyones suggestions of good companies to use.

    We are based in the North West and have the RNCM as a recording venue.

    How much would a 2 day recording session cost, starting at 10 and finishing at 4.30 each day. Obviously we would need this mixing and editing with a final master copy.

    Any thought would be greatly received! ;)
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    Thanks for the recommendations, folks, it's nice to know we're appreciated :)

    Nice venue you've got there Tromwinst.....if you want more details from us, drop me a PM with your full specification e.g. if this is just a provided master or if you require artwork, paper part specification, replication / duplication needs, licencing details and so on.
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    Yep, thirded !

    Thoroughly recommend them. It was our first recording and it was a really enjoyable experience with great results.
  6. Can't say I have a band to use KMJ with, but he's recorded pieces of mine and the recording quality is absolutely brilliant.
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    I played on Middleton's CD and subsequently conducted Coppull & Standish's, both recorded by KMJ. The end result in both cases far exceeded our expectations, and the sessions were great - simultaneously relaxed and fun, but professional and hardworking.

    I don't have much experience of other companies (e.g. Doyen), but I know the others we considered in both cases were either MUCH more expensive or literally one-man-band operations, with the same guy trying to record, produce and engineer the sessions. This never works, in my (limited) experience! With Keith you get the value and service of a smaller operation but he will ensure that an experienced producer works on the sessions - Gareth Pritchard did Middleton's, for example.
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    B&H sound are very good.
    Did all the ybs stuff.
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    The later ones, that is: the earlier ones were with Polyphonic.
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    Hugh Robjohns, the technical editor of Sound on Sound magazine, has done recordings of various choirs and bands so would be worth getting in touch with. You can contact him by visiting
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    These guys are definitely worth a look, They did our CD at Gresley Colliery and we were very impressed with their ability and quality of product.
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    yup yup.
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    I'll tell him you like his work the next time I see's got to be coming round....I've not seen him since we both assisted on a job for Classic FM from Durham one point we were even talking about coverin a brass band session for the magazine....must remind him...
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    I'd recommend Keith & KMJ also - worked with the guys (Gareth Pritchard as producer is superb) and looking forward to doing so again later this year. .
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    Thanks guys.

    If I may, I'd like to reinforce one of the points made here for the benefit of the OP and anyone else that may be thinking of going down the CD recording route. It's a point that I've made before, but not for a while.

    In my opinion and experience it's very important when you choose your Company make sure that you're going to get the real deal. Both Andy and Garry have alluded to Gareth as one of my Producers - and indeed he is, and he is as good as they say ;) - but reagardless of who you choose, having an external ear who is familiar with Brass Bands rather than trying to manage the material between just a recording engineer and the MD generates better end results.

    It sometimes looks easier and superficially more cost effective to look in the Thomson Local and find the local man with a backpack and a couple of microphones - sometimes it is depending on the task at hand - but make sure you're going to get the service you deserve.....and as Anno Draconis has pointed out, you don't always have to 'go large' and the bills don't have to be enormous.