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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Steve, Apr 21, 2004.

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    Our band are looking to possibly cut a CD in the next few months. Has anbody dealt with a recording company either in the Northamptonshire area or that come to a location of your choice that offer both a first class level of service and recording, as well as a bargain price?
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    Don't know about price but I would recommend B&H Sound Services in Peterborough as they do a lot of work with us although I know that they are very busy.
    Call Nicki Seager on 01733 223535 and she will be able to help you.
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    AbsoluteRecordings is recording company based in the North west but will travel down to you, The bass player at Freck band run's it. They are very good, and resonable!.
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    We did a recording with absolute recordings last weekend and they were great to work with. Very flexible and will do the recording wherever you want them to.
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    B & H Sound do the ISB recordings and from prvious experience they halp you from booking a recording venue to actually finding someone like World Of Brass to sell your disc. Give em a go ! !
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    B&H Definately, they are really switched on, have done a couple of recordings with them, and when they get down to hanging curtains over screens to alter the sound, they are real perfectionists, also being a drummer, they are the only company to PROPERLY mike the perc up, not just the standard 3 mics so it sounds like they are in the bogs next door.

    Yop outfit
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    A couple of people PM'ed me with details about recording groups. Could they please do it again as my inbox has been cleared following a problem with my login details etc etc Many thanks
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    il agree with B&H, pro guys