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    I am trying to find a copy of Music for the common man. It was used as the 1st section test piece for the regionals in 2000. Unfortunately I lost the cd ages ago and was looking for another copy. I have looked for it on the web, but it seems to be out of stock. Does anyone out there either know where I can get a hold of it or are you willing to part with your own copy?


  2. Veri

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    I've been trying to get this too for ages. I wonder if World of Brass might put all the previous Regionals cds on World of Brass tunes???
  3. Ipswich trom

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    I've got a recording of my band playing it at the 2000 regionals lol!
  4. Active Member

    We did try but found that there was an error on track 7 which just happens to be Music for the Common Man!

    Once we locate a 'good' copy, we'll add it to the site.


    That would be fantastic!

    Thanks. I will keep my eyes on the site. I also only have a copy of my own band at the time playing it. We did win on the day, but I would rather have a copy without the mistakes!:redface:
  6. Chris Hicks

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    slightly aside from the music for the common man but a question aimed for WoB.

    Is the nationals 07 cd going on the site as i would like to download one or two of the recordings!? Particuly Grimey's performance?

  7. Active Member

    Yes it will be going on soon, hopefully this weekend.

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