Recording of Music for the Common Man (Downie)

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Veri, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. Veri

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    Does anyone know of any recordings of this? I heard it at Butlins, and although I didn't especially like it then, we've had it out at band and it's really grown on me. Really want a recording of it! Have tried World of Brass and Midland CD but as far as I can tell it hasn't been recorded. Does anyone know what it was written for originally? I know it was used at Pontins too...
  2. brassneck

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    Tredegar recorded it on the 2000 Regionals CD (Doyen: DOYCD103)
  3. Veri

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    No longer "in print"...will have to try to find someone with a copy!! Thanks.
  4. Keith Stanley James Lever

    Keith Stanley James Lever Supporting Member

    Apart from the above it is was also recorded on the following Doyen CD's :- DOYCD51 Norwegian Brass Band Championshps 1996 and DOYCD109 Kenneth Downie ............. but I believe the recordings are not now available
  5. Keith Stanley James Lever

    Keith Stanley James Lever Supporting Member

    According to 4 Bars Rest DOYCD51 is on their 'Shopping List'
  6. Veri

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    it said "currently not available" when I clicked on it. Hoping someone I know will have Regionals 2000! My most likely bet I guess...

    Cheers for everyone's help!
  7. Active Member

    DOY CD109 is called Bantock so obviously doesn't have any Downie on it.

    DOY CD051 (Norwegian Brass Band Championshps 1996) and DOY CD103 (Regionals 2000) are both out of print but we'll have a good old rummage around to see if we can find a spare copy of either but I don't hold too much hope I'm afraid.
  8. Keith Stanley James Lever

    Keith Stanley James Lever Supporting Member

    Now then here's a thing for you.... I have a 1999 Doyen catalogue entitled 'THE DOYEN MILLENNIUM CD COLLECTIONS' issued by Doyen Recordings Ltd. and on page 22 -Masters Series - there is a CD by Tredegar Town Band conducted by Nicholas J. Childs entitled 'KENNETH DOWNIE' featuring the music of Kenneth Downie including Fanfare (yes Fanfare, not Music) For The Common Man, St. Austell Suite, Euphonium Concerto, Bridgewater Intrada and more The CD Number is DOYCD109 it states that this CD will be released in the Spring of 2000. The cover is also shown and there is a picture of Kenneth Downie with an inset of Robert Childs and says that Robert is the Euphonium Soloist. Did this CD ever get released.......................
  9. PeterBale

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    That edition of the catalogue included a couple of proposed releases that didn't materialise, the Downie being one of them. I seem to remember another Childs combination as well.
  10. Active Member

    I've got a copy of that catalogue also and suspect the CD was never completed. Some of the repertoire was subsequently recorded by B&R although not Music for the Common Man or the Euphonium Concerto. On page 27 of the catalogue is a CD called Dynasty (DOY CD110) which also never saw the light of day. I can only think that Nick Childs ceased to be the conductor of Tredegar Band and the recordings didn't go ahead.
  11. Keith Stanley James Lever

    Keith Stanley James Lever Supporting Member

    Thank for putting us in the picture.
  12. Active Member

    Incidentally, Robert Childs has now recorded the Downie concerto (along with Horovitz, Golland No. 1, Wilby and Rodney Newton's Concertino) on a CD called Celebration which is due for release at the British Open in September.
  13. Veri

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    Thanks - let me know if you find a copy.
    Or indeed, if anyone wants to sell me their copy of Regionals 2000!