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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Rach_Horn, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. Rach_Horn

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    Was just wondering if anyone knew of a recording of the Tenor Horn piece 'Cornucopia' by Bram Wiggins?

    Thanks :)
  2. Di

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    There is a recording by Gordon Higginbottom. I'm just trying to figure out if it was on "Gordon Higginbottom and Friends" or "Sonata".
  3. RDH

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    It is not 'Sonata' ;)
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    It is on another album called Cornucopia recorded by Lewington Yamaha Brass in 1988 by Kirklees (KR1003). Other numbers recorded were ...

    Morning From Peer Gynt Suite
    The Debutante - cornet solo
    Celebration March
    Three Memories for Brass
    Le Cor Vole
    Beguine for Brass
    Rock Me Amadeus
  6. Rach_Horn

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    I have 'Sonata' and it's not on that :(
  7. Rach_Horn

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    Thanks!!!!:D Can i get hold of a copy of this still ?
  8. brassneck

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    - it would be difficult to find! You would be better ordering the Higginbottom recording at Kirklees (I reckon it is him playing the solo on the Lewington recording ... both were sponsored by the company!).

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    Thanks everyone xx:D
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    - the actual Higginbottom album is a compilation isn't it? Just like Kirklees Gentleman Jim (Jim Shepherd) and a couple of others. I did say the Lewington album is likely to be unavailable after being asked about it, so I recommended that one. :tongue:
  12. Rach_Horn

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    Thanks everyone who has helped so far however, I contacted kirklees and although it states on their website that the piece is on the CD 'Sonata' it is infact not, it is a printing error.
    The other recording that you suggested is no longer available :(

    Anyone else any ideas? :frown:
  13. Di

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    I find it very odd that they've done that.

    We HAVE got this on tape by Gordon, and it IS on the tape called Sonata (I just can't find the inlay card at the mo). I'm listening to it now! So why release a CD by the same name, with half of the pieces the same and half of them replaced with something else? :confused::confused:
  14. Rach_Horn

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    Me too!!! It's really strange ..on the email they said

    ''I'm afraid that this is a mistake on the recording details. The track
    'Cornucopia' was recorded on a LP of the same name in the 1980's , but is no
    longer available''

    Ah well....

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    Hi Rach,
    Only just joined the Mouthpiece....and seen your query.
    I recorded the 1st performance ever with Lewington Brass 1n 1988 (on ye olde LP )
    Kirklees Music of Brighouse were responsible for the recording.

    Hope this helps,
    Cheers, Gordon Higginbottom
  17. eflatbass

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    Dear Gordon

    A huge welcome to you from me, and no doubt countless others who have admired (and been jealous of!) your playing achievements over the years.

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    Thanks for that Gordon. Not heard it for many a year! A question for you ... did you record any solos prior to joining the Versatile Brass?