Recording of AERONAUTS sought urgently

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  1. kiwiinoz

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    Good morning. Does anyone have a recording of AERONAUTS they are able to send me via internet. We are playing it a contest and need our bandmaster to hear what it is meant to sound like to assist us. There are no recordings we can find other than 45 secs of the beginning online so would appreciate some assistance. Hopefully this will not abuse copyright but would appreciate some help if possible. Thanks
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    This has been requested before. I don't know if this thread will be of any assistance to you.
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    The two recordings I did at Cardiff were only for the use of the bands concerned (as agreed at that time). I had Cowdenbeath (Tom Wyss) as winners then ;)
  6. James Yelland

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    Surely the score contains everything your bandmaster needs to know?
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    James YELLAND, yes the score should contain all he needs to know, but ............. enough said
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    Ah, I see!

    I can't recommend any downloadable versions, but it is on an old CD of Goff Richards music which 4BarsRest still seems to have in stock:

    I don't know whether it would get to Oz in time for your contest though.
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    Thanks mate. i will give it a go and see if they still have it in stock

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    There's a decent live recording of Greater Gwent Youth Brass Band playing it from a few years ago. No idea if the CD is even available anymore, but it's something else to keep your eye out for!