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    Hope you can help me, I'm currently organising a charity CD that a youth band are going to record hopefully in around June time of this year. Through successful grants and fundraising i've managed to secure roughly £400 to get the CD recorded and produced, I was just wandering if anyone knows of any good recording companies in the North West area who are in this price range.


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    Just received an email from Reelround and they are offering a complete package for 500 CDs at the special deal price of £2,000 ! Think you might need a bit more cash.
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    Don't wish to wee on your chips at all, but £400 won't do it. Not even close.

    My band did a short CD last year for which we got the recording sessions and mastering free (the recording company wanted to test out some new gear/procedures) - nonetheless, to replicate 1000 discs with cases, inserts and cellophane wrapping cost about £650, and paying for a limited MCPS licence cost £250.

    So £900 spent without paying for sessions, recording venue or mastering - for which I'd say you need anything from £1000 upwards (£2000+ for a properly professional job with an experienced producer and engineers) on top.

    More fundraising needed!

    Have you considered opening a "subscription" for it - in other words people pre-order and pay in advance? If it's a youth band of a reasonable size you might persuade parents to order their copies in advance, plus you could push it at your concerts between now and June.
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    I'm not around at the minute and am nicking someone's computer time but take a look at these:

    These places just manufacture the final products. As the guys above have said you need to think about this as much as anything else - it'll eat all of your available budget very quickly for something that's worth having.

    As Andy has also mentioned the CD will need to be licenced - the Limited Manufacture Licence stands as £125 for 500 CDs and £250 for 1000 CDs. Bear in mind that you can have no more CDs made under these agreements.

    You've then got a few more option as to what you can either stick a pin in a phone book or you can try and get people in that know what they're doing. If it's a serious attempt to raise money then I'd be much more tempted to go for the latter....I've heard several travesties over the years where people have tried the former....but then as you've been told these things cost money.

    The Reelsound thing's not bad. But I can beat it ;)

    What's your Charity?
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    Thanks for all the suggestions I think a bit more fund raising is needed!