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    I have fairly recently started work in a school that has pro audio 9 as one of it's pieces of software. I also have a behringer UB2442FX mixer wired up to the computer, which means then presumably that I can record audio from this. Not being technically minded in the slightest, I can't this to work. However, I can record midi from a keyboard into the computer via midi leads ( mixer not involved). The clips pane when i've attempted to record some audio says'record', but there are no clips there.
    Does anyone in Tmpland know how to sort this out? Could there be something wrong with the computer soundcard? Do I have the leads from the mixer going to the wrong place? Should I chuck the computer and mixer from a very tall building?
    I'd appreciate any ideas
    :confused: :frown: :evil:
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    It can be confusing when you first start out on this kind of thing :D

    What kind of audio are you trying to record? Is it the output from the synths or is it a source that you're pointing microphones at?

    Whichever your source, you need to connect the 'Main Out' from the mixer to the "Line in" of the soundcard. If you're just using something like an onboard soundcard, you may find that it only has a minijack line input (and it may even be mono). If the input is stereo, you'll need an appropriate adaptor - if it's mono then you can, er, only record in mono ;) Things are different if you have a more 'posh' soundcard - what are you using?

    I'm not familiar with your software, unfortunately. However, it's likely that you'll have to configure your soundcard somewhere within it. For example, you may have to tell it which drivers to use, that you want to record using the line ins etc. Don't forget you'll have to set the input levels within the software.

    It actually looks more difficult on paper than it actually is, so don't panic. If I get chance, I'll have a look at a manual for your software and see if there are any easy pointers.

    Welcome to the world of recording!
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    Thanks for the response. What you said and the info you pointed me in the direction of seems understandable even for a technophobe like myself. I'll nip to work later and try it out. Thanks again