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  1. Andy_Euph

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    "We believe this is a unique opportunity to help promote the British Open Championship to an even bigger banding audience."....unique...really?

    Reading the above article on 4barsrest, I find it strange that this is supposedly a big deal. Looking at it, isn't this effectively just the same as releasing a DVD like they do, for example, at Brass In Concert. I think it'd be more of a big deal if the recordings were relayed in real time, like in Norway & Australia....also they do it for free!
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  2. Will the Sec

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    From "The Brass Band Dictonary".

    "Unique" = something that the speaker/poster believes is worthy of note.

    I sense a new thread coming on...
  3. dyl

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    "For the first time in its 160 year history, the British Open Championship intends to record the performances of the competitors in its event, which takes place at Symphony Hall in Birmingham on Saturday September 1st."

    That's weird - could have sworn I have a DVD of the 2004 Championships................
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    :clap: Was just thinking that myself hahaha

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