Recording a CD - the logistics

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    The Parr Band are in the process of planning a CD recording. We decided to get a date, knowing that whatever date you choose, one or two members will be unavailable. We decided that loyal, key players get priority.
    So, the first date is not possible for two of the trombone section, (including our solo trombone, who helped us to win an entertainment contest). So, we find another date - no good for our solo baritone, and awkward for our guest singer!


    I would be interested to hear from tMP members who have been involved in organising and recording a CD, with advice about how to get the logistics right - or even to share your own pitfalls, and how you coped with them!
  2. DublinBass

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    Provided you have good rehearsal is sometimes easiest to just do it on a few rehearsal nights in successive weeks.
  3. Accidental

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    We're going throught exactly the same thing at the moment! Need to book a weekend as we're using Doyen, and we've already changed dates twice. Now trying the tell-us-all-the-dates-you-can't-do approach, and then we'll probably just stick a pin in the diary. Its very unlikely you'll ever get everyone in the same place at the same time - unless you give them enough notice and they want to be on the cd badly enough that they'll rearrange everything else round it.
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    Having been through the same problem last year, I think the best thing to do is propose a number of dates months ahead of when you plan to record. We planned ours four or five months in advance and as a result, although some people did have to put themselves out a bit, we had full attendance for a weekend. If you plan far enough ahead you will eventually find a date that is workable for everyone.
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    i've been on two of st helens youth's cds and i know we didn't have a full band on them ... obviously it's easier since we have more members to begin with...

    but if the recording has to take place within a certain time, and if the recorders can only make those two dates, wouldnt it be better for your singer to rearrange whatever else they've got, and get a baritone dep? no offence to baris but unless you're playing really really complicated pieces, it's not the most important part. spose it depends who your singer is really, and how badly your players want to be on the cd.

    oh, and did you ever meet paul dewsnip?
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    You must schedule as far in advance as possible, and make it clear that everyone is expected to attend. The National Capital Band is planning on recording next fall, and we have already blocked out a weekend. All of the players are already aware when the weekend will be, so there are few to no acceptable excuses for not showing up, short of death or serious injury.

    We do not have the option of moving the date once it gets close, because we have to make sure the venue is available (our rehearsal space is completely inadequate for recording) and because the recording engineer is coming in from Toronto and has to make travel plans.

    We record over two or three days - the last recording we did we laid down three tracks on Thursday evening, three on Friday evening, and the remainder in an all-day session on Saturday.
  7. WoodenFlugel

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    I think you need to give plenty of notice, but even then there will always be problems with getting everyone there. The last recording we did was over two days, which is good for couple of reasons: you can have shorter, less intense recording sessions and hopefully the playing quality doesn't suffer as much as people tire, and if your lucky, the people who can't make one date would most likely be able to do the other. For the last CD we did one of our percussionists could only do the one session, so we got a dep in and did the less percussive pieces on the day he wasn't there. The one problem with having two dates is, of course, it costs more!!
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    When I reviewed the latest cd by Doug Yeo and his New England Brass Band, I was quite surprised to see their two sessions had been almost exactly a year apart, with considerable personnel changes between the two!
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    If you drop a note to Dave, the webmaster of, I'm sure he'll give you some practical pointers as he organised, recorded, produced, got duplicated (and is now selling!) a CD for us last October. (He might even come and record it for you if you cross his palm with silver as he's got the kit now!)

  10. Just Crazy

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    The singer is at uni and cant get down regular, im the bari player and i have even suggested a dep! but im still in the process of trying to get the day off work, fingers cross my manager will swop his weeks holiday.

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    A big thankyou to everyone who has given comment and advice. The old grey matter has thought up a few new ideas thanks to all of you.

    Don't worry Jenny, (crazy coleman), you will be on the CD!

    And no, I don't think I ever have met Paul Dewsnip, unless that is a nom de plume :biggrin:
  12. sevenhelz

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    nah he just used to play for Parr. who's your singer? :)

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    The singer is Jenny, (not sure of her second name), her mother is Lynda (second trombone). Jenny sang a verse of Crimomd in German at the Wychaven Entetrtainment Contest, where we won 4th section.
  14. sevenhelz

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    *nods* don't know her, nice that she's connected with the band though. i was thinking if it were just any singer you wanted, i could hook you up with a few people. nm.