Recommendations for trumpet upgrade?

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    It's years since I signed in so apologies, if I'm posting in the wrong place.

    About 8 years ago, we bought our teenage son a Yamaha 4335 trumpet to replace his cheaper B&S model. It got him through uni so must be okay and he still plays it, but it's showing its age after years of abuse in gigs, being dropped etc. I can't remember the mouthpieces he uses, but he has quite a few.

    I'm a woodwind player and know nothing about trumpets, but we'd like to surprise him for his birthday later in the year.

    So anyone know some decent models that we could look at?

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Bach 37ML still the industry standard......depends on your budget, Yamaha make great instruments now....any of there models starting with a 6 or above are pro level....I would ask trumpet Mike...he is a pro player on here!
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    Very dangerous to surprise him, lovely thought but dangerous. When I bought my new trumpet this year I tried 22 different instruments before I settled on the one I liked the most, some of those were identical models and they all played differently.

    Maybe surprise him with a trip to a shop with many Trumpets and set the shop a budget and let him try them all.
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    Thanks for the advice. Good idea!

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    PLEASE don't buy him an instrument unseen
    Not everyone suits the Bach (37 or otherwise) - I have played many Bach trumpets and only found one that I would play regularly - sadly it belonged to someone else (and when I purchased an allegedly identical one it was TERRIBLE and I got rid of it fairly quickly). Other people LOVE them and I always encourage my students to include them in the list of instruments they try when doing a similar upgrade.
    Whereabouts do you live?
    If you want recommendations about somewhere that will have a good variety of instruments I am sure that people on here will be able to help.
    Personally, I tend to go with my students (and their parents) up to Phil Parkers (looking forward to checking out their new venue!) and act as an independent set of ears as they try everything within their price bracket. I can normally tell which is going to suit someone before they do, but it must be THEIR choice. If I was choosing an instrument I probably wouldn't choose the same one, but if we were also choosing shoes the chances are very high that we would choose different styles, lol.

    When I purchased my current Bb trumpet (Eclipse MR - love it) I played 3 "identical" instruments and the differences were incredible. I chose the one that worked best with me on the end. Someone else went in a day or so later and chose a different one - it was the one that worked best with THEM on the end.

    Hope he enjoys the experience of trying them (I know I always do)