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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by MartinBen, May 13, 2008.

  1. MartinBen

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    I've got a Virtuoisi Euphonium - had it just over 2 years - and whilst it has a lovely tone the valves are, to be frank, just rubbish.

    They had plastic valve guards (?) which had to be replaced wth metal ones after just a year and now two of the valves won't come out of their barrels without forcing them as though they are "too tight" - so its back to the repairers again :mad:

    I am seriously tempted to put it on eBay and get another one - but if so what?

    The Yam YEP201 looks nice but don't think its compensated? 3 valves not a problem as rarely use 4th anyway.

    Budget is £1k - can push to £1.4k

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  3. PaddySears

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    I'm just about to put my besson 967 onto ebay as I'm going to buy a sterling (I'd reccomend one of those but they are $$$) but would be happy to go for a private sale if you'd be interested - I'll list it on here so you can see pics (probably tomorrow). I'd be looking for a price in your range!

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    Thats interesting as I played the bands spare Euph. tonight for the 2nd half of the practice - it was a Sovereign and the valves were nice and light. The tuning was ok but had to listen carefully when up in the higher register as tended to go slightly sharp.

    Paddy - let me see some photos please - how are the valves? Light/Heavy?
  5. Despot

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    For the money mentioned, good second hand is propably the best option. An older Sovreign or even a good Imperial would be the best bet. Also Besson 700's were good intermediate instruments and worth a look if you see one second hand.

    If you want new, Jupiter are quite decent, although they don't feel particularly rugged!

    Besson 1000 - tried their tubas - not great.

    Yamaha is likely to be very reliable and well built and you're probably safe enough. Don't think anyone makes 3 valve compensating euphs anymore anyway (?), so I wouldn't worry about it! Although, personally I'd go for an instrument with the fourth valve, it's a great advantage once you learn how to use it!
  6. MartinBen

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    Just had an e-mail back from the repairer who will take it in to look at either tomorrow or Thursday.

    Hopefully they can get the valves "lapped".

    Once I get it back will then have a think whether to keep it or flog it on eBay!
  7. Blagger

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    would go for a second hand 967 or 968

    as long as you dont get one from the "lottery grant rush" years - when they just threw them out the factory :)

    Personally i cant make a decent sound on anything else ( invites commments ......;) ) - I have a 967 in laquer from 1987
  8. agentorange

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    Yep, the curse of the Sov! This is why they stuck a trigger on the Prestige. I always had to use alternate fingering above the stave - F on 1st & 4th, F# on 2nd and 4th, G on 4th, A on 2nd or 3rd etc, etc!
    Great instruments though, as long as you're aware of these issues and compensate for them.

    Blagger's advice is sound too, older Sovs tend to be better. My personal choice would be a second hand Sov 967.
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    Yeah - while reading through this page - i thought, if you're looking for something under £1K, then it's definately best to go for one of the 1980's sovereigns. They are the best sovereigns there has ever been. The 2007 model of the Prestige is the first Prestige to actually match the sound of the Sovereign. The 1980's Sovreign has long since been considered the greatest on tone.

    I have a 700 currently, and have played on it for the last several years. To be perfectly honest, if you've been playing on a virtuosio for so long - i think it would be a bit of a downfall to go to the 700. It's no-where near as good as the Sovereign and you would find it a bit too small.

    I'm getting a 1980's sovereign later this week, and I cannot wait :)
  10. Despot

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    Yep, all euphs do! As agentorange pointed out, that's why you need that 4th valve! ;)
  11. MoominDave

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    Not really - all Sovereign euphs do. Other manufacturers don't have the same issues.

    The "4th valve fix" thing is a bit of a myth, too - the notes come down a little flatter, true, though not usually enough without some extra lipping - but the tone quality often suffers badly. I've almost always found it better to lip things down the whole way on the normal fingerings.

    How about this one - - a snip at under £7000...
  12. I would go for one with three valves and lots of tubing..
  13. Lyndon Price

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    if you can find one get a Wilson...hand made, with passion...failing that prestige for the trigger...only way to cure concert Eb and F without losing tone with the 4th valve fix