Recommend a tenor horn please!

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Cornet23, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. Cornet23

    Cornet23 Member

    I am changing instrument and after renting a horn for a short time I have decided that I would like to buy one of my own. The one I was renting was only a student one really, but I wanted to try the instrument out and it's all band had available at the time.

    I am willing to be flexible on budget, but would prefer new rather than second hand.

    I am moving from cornet and was a fairly decent player (high register was the problem, hence the change, and I can comfortably get to a D above stave on tenor horn so it appears to be a good move for me - I hope to improve this further with more practice) and have just been offered a seat in a band on solo horn.

    I don't think I want an absolute top of the range horn, but nor do I want anything that is for "student to intermediate players" as you see so often on adverts.

    Tempt me with your horns, please! Pros and cons would be great.. along with approximate prices!

    Sorry in advance for any arguments this might start.
  2. Euphonium Lite

    Euphonium Lite Active Member

    Any reason why you want new - just from interest? I'd suggest you go as good as you possibly can get for your budget - the missus bought a 2nd hand Sovereign (Roundstamp) from Butlins, and paid around £1300. Ive seen them for a bit less as well. Neos seem to be holding their prices fairly well
  3. Cornet23

    Cornet23 Member

    For the sole reason that I'm impulsive and like shiny things. Not very sensible economically, of course!

    I have been looking at the Neo so would be interested if anybody has any playing experience on one.
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  4. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    If I ever went back on horn I'd get a new Neo or a (very) old Sovereign.
    You really do need to try a few for yourself though...
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  5. Andrew Norman

    Andrew Norman Active Member

    As usual an idea of budget might help.
  6. 2nd tenor

    2nd tenor Well-Known Member

    General comments on buying a new instrument.

    Yamaha have a solid reputation for good instruments and consistent high quality. Their instruments might appear expensive compared to some but the second hand price that they command surely tells you something.

    Visit a largish shop and play loads and for hours, don't buy anything and return (preferably another day) to retry and confirm what you liked best. Use your own mouthpiece and play music you're good at that tests out the instrument's features/character. Quality varies within some brands so test play the actual instrument you might take away or risk dissapointment later - I understand that others of the same model held in stock often play differently.

    If money is no issue then buy what's appropriate to a band a couple of sections up from yours. I'm not a good player so I'd limit myself to a mid range Yamaha capable of taking a good player to grade 8 (ie better than I'll ever need without going OTT).
  7. Cornet23

    Cornet23 Member

    To be honest, budget isn't really an issue. I'm just not sure I'll ever be a world class player, so probably no point buying something really flashy!

    Would you say the Neo was mid range or nearer to top end? Sorry if that's a stupid question. I got my grade 8 cornet more than a decade ago and can play flashier stuff now, provided it doesn't go too high, but horn definitely suits me better!
  8. 2nd tenor

    2nd tenor Well-Known Member

    If I had passed my grade 8 and money wasn't an issue I'd be looking above a mid range instrument (wouldn't want to risk being held back by one) and new from Yamaha (because Yamaha has a very good and perhaps the best reputation). I don't know how good the Neo is generally considered to be but if Accidental (a Championship Band player) suggests she would buy one then it would seem appropriate to your potential needs and wise to go and try one out.
  9. Bbmad

    Bbmad Active Member

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  10. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    I personally think trying to assign a range to certain sections/grade standards is misleading and a little unhelpful.... its nothing to do with 'flashy', I just think that in an ideal world everyone would simply have the make/model/age of instrument that works best for them (and will last)

    So having said that, if money is not an issue then I think it makes sense to try out the best instrument available from each brand - ie Sovereign/Maestro 2nd hand or Prestige/Neo new, and the top range Courtois, Geneva, Sterling, Wilson etc.
  11. Cornet23

    Cornet23 Member

    Thank you for the advice :) I'm going to try a couple out next weekend and can hopefully see which one I feel most comfortable with!
  12. JimboFB

    JimboFB Active Member

    For what it's worth, I think if you can afford it it's better to invest in a high end instrument as it will hold its value if you decide to sell it on again.

    You are prob going to have to spend upwards of £1000 to get a top line model so bear that in mind.

    My understanding is that the top 3 or 4 choices are very comparable in quality but tend to differ slightly in the lay out ie where the trigger is situated or how wide the valve block is. All kind of things that you'd need to hold one yourself to see which you found most comfortable.

    All said and done, I would think that the prestige is the most popular (must be a reason!) so I would say get to a trade stand at a contest or well stocked music shop.

    Please don't discount 2nd hand tho, there's good deals out there all the time.

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