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  1. Jan H

    Jan H Moderator Staff Member

    Last Sunday we did a quite serious concert, with as guests the "Belgisch Koper Offensief" (Belgian Brass Offensive), a ten-piece brass ensemble of 10 young professional Flemish brass players. Besides a couple of popular pieces that they had arranged themselves, they also played Bourgeois' Concerto Grosso (the original brass ensemble version written for Philip Jones).

    This was the full program:

    Oxygen (Carl Wittrock) - Kempenbloei
    Earth Wind & Fire (BKO)
    Badinerie (Johann Sebastian Bach) - BKO
    American Wake - BKO
    Concerto for Brass Quintet (Frigyes Hidas) - Kempenbloei + BKO (quintet)
    Die Insel des zweiten Gesichts (Harrie Janssen) - Kempenbloei

    Concerto Grosso
    (Derek Bourgeois) - BKO
    Moon River (Henri Mancini) - BKO
    Far & Away (John Williams) - Kempenbloei + BKO
    Call of the Cossacks (Peter Graham) (all 5 parts) - Kempenbloei + BKO
    Adventures of the Beaumé (Harrie Janssen) - Kempenbloei

    Bis: Fanitullen (arr. Tom Brevik)
  2. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    For KSB last 4 concerts we have done a concert based on Dickens A Christmas Carol - had a narrative of the story between each piece so the music was chosen to reflect the the relevant part in the text.

    Christmas Joy
    Normandy Carol - We meet Scrooge
    Christmas Song
    Do You Hear What I Hear - Srooge is visited
    Stel Himmel (Steel Skies) - Jacob Marleys Ghost appears
    Angels Sing Again (2 verse) - First Spirit Appears
    Gabriel’s Oboe
    Il Est Ne
    Savoy Christmas Medley - Fezziwigs Christmas Party

    Joy to The World (2 verses) - The Second Spirit shows Scrooge Christmas
    Christmas Piece
    Deck The Halls
    Christmas Lullaby - Tiny Tim
    In Dulci Jubilo
    Schneewaltzer - Scrooge joins in the party
    Away In A Manger – Flugel Solo - Scrooge is shown the future and Tiny Tim's grave
    Christmas Bolero - Scrooge is a changed man
    White Christmas
    Jingle Bells
  3. horn1

    horn1 Member

    Lees, Oldham
    That's a really great idea for a christmas concert! So much better than the usual loose connections!
  4. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    Surely aren't Schneewaltzer and Away in a Manger in the wrong order?
  5. Ipswich trom

    Ipswich trom Member

    Saturday 15th December.
    Hessett Church - Christmas Concert

    Christmas Joy - Leizden
    Christmas Overture - Golland
    Carol - O Little Town of Bethlehem
    O Holy Night - (Euph Solo) - Adam
    Little Drummer Boy - arr. Sparke
    The Snowman - arr. Sparke
    Silent Night (Trom Solo) - arr Gott
    Carol - We Three Kings of Orient are
    Yule Dance - Harper


    Troika - arr. Farr
    Carol - Joy to the World
    The Christmas Song - arr. Freeh
    Santa Claus-trophobia - Smith
    Frosty the Snowman - (Bass trom Solo)
    White Christmas - arr. Freeh
    Carol - Hark the Herald
    Christmas Finale - Lovatt-Cooper

    Encore - Do You Hear What I Hear - Stowell
  6. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    That was the plan, although because the theme was based on a Victorian story there was no opportunity to put in anything connected with Santa or reindeers etc. Compromised a bit on White Christmas (1940's) but the sentiment was there.

    It went down exceptionally well at all but one concert where the elderly gentleman who'd booked us told me in the interval that "he didn't like it". I asked him what it was that he didn't like and he said it wasn't the usual sort of band concert we did. I explained to him that we were still playing the same music we always played and that instead of having the conductor waffle on between pieces we had the story of Christmas Carol from begining to end. Considering it was in a church you'd have thought he'd appreciate the morale of the story - old miserly git gets the meaning of Christmas. He then cribbed over our fee for the concert £175!!! At the end of the concert he then told the audience what a great night it had been and he would be booking us for 2 more concerts next year - so perhaps the story got through to him by the end of the night - wait while I tell him the fee for next year;)
  7. Brian Kelly

    Brian Kelly Active Member

    Bolton, Lancs, England
    Flixton Band Christmas Concert, Urmston Leisure Centre, Sunday 9th December.

    "Mary Had a Baby" (Trad. arr. Robert Collinson)
    Theme from "The Snowman" (Howard Blake arr. Philip Sparke)
    Cornet solo "Rusalka's Song to the Moon" (Antonin Dvorak arr. Gordon Langford)
    Soloist: Katie Tyson
    Communal carols: "Hark the Herald Angels Sing"
    "O Little Town of Bethlehem"
    "Let's Face the Music and Dance" (Irving Berlin arr. Goff Richards)
    "'Mid All The Traffic" (Leonard Ballantine)
    "Flight" from "Northern Landscapes" (Peter Graham)


    "A Christmas Festival" (LeRoy Anderson arr. James Wood)
    Soprano cornet solo "Vesti la Giubba"(On with the Motley) (Ruggiero Leoncavallo arr. Ray Farr)
    Soloist: Eddie Hill
    "White Christmas" (Irving Berlin arr. Philip Sparke)
    Communal carols: "Away in a Manger"
    "O Come all ye Faithful"
    "Three Kings' Swing" (William Himes)
    "Christmas Piece" (Goff Richards)
    "The Christmas Song" (Mel Torme/Robert Wells, arr. Philip Sparke)
    "Santa Claustrophobia" (various, arr. Sandy Smith)

    Encore: "Jingle Bells" (arr. Derek Ashmore)
  8. Sop Willebroek

    Sop Willebroek Member

    Did a christmas concert with my band on sunday December 23

    O little town of bethlehem ( arr. Cortland)
    Duet for two cats (Rossini arr. Snell) - soloists cornet/trombone Els Seymus & Geert Lambaerts
    White Christmas (arr. Ph. Sparke)
    Magh Seola (arr. S. Smith) - soloist flugel Liesbeth Verwimp
    Born Free (arr. Catherall)
    Donegal Bay (Paul Lovatt-Cooper) - soloist baritone Jan Meylemans
    Voyage of Discovery (G. Richards)
    The Champions (Willcocks)
    Over the Rainbow (arr. Richards) - soloist tenorhorn Liesl Thijs
    The Tit-Larks (J. Ord Hume) - soloists soprano/cornet Jan Guns & Wim Adriaensen
    Evensong (Bart Wuilmus)
    Fantasy on Swiss Airs (Newsome)- Sololist euphonium Glenn Van Looy
    Reunion and Finale (arr. Duncan)
    Jingle Bells (arr. Ashmore)
  9. bbg

    bbg Member

    Perthshire Brass Annual Concert 2007 - held on 6 January 2008! (on our "usual" September date we were in Harrogate, then we had the Scottish Challenge Cup, then Christmas, get the picture?) :

    Salford Sinfonieta
    Star Wars
    Nessun Dorma (Cornet Solo)
    Deep inside the Sacred Temple ( Euph Duet)
    A Gaelic Blessing
    Benedictus (Euph Solo)
    Hymn to the Fallen (with band vocalists)
    It Don't Mean a Thing
    If (Horn Solo)
    Dog Days

    Youth Band set:

    When the Saints...
    Handbags and Gladrags
    Havana (Trom Solo)
    Hey Jude
    Mack the Knife

    "Massed" Bands

    500 Miles (yes, the cheesy Proclaimers one!!)

    and of course.....

    Hootenanny!!!!! (or as it's known in the band - "hoot 'n oot"!!)
  10. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    KSB concert Sunday 24/02/2008 at Stocksbridge Band Club was:

    The Ballerina (March - paso doble)
    Clog Dance
    Singing In The Rain
    And All That Jazz
    Theme – Moulin Rouge
    Sparkling Diamonds
    You Raise Me Up
    Second Waltz - from the Jazz Suite
    Cossack Ride & Slavonic Dance

    Let’s Face The Music & Dance
    Soul Bossa Nova
    The Water Is Wide
    Beguine for Brass
    I Only Have Eyes
    It Better Be Tonight
    Finale from Orpheus In The Underworld
    Encore Hava Naglia

    As you will see the theme for the concert was dance and we even had six lovely ladies providing fully choreographed items for And All That Jazz and Can Can. Also had cancan dresses thanks to the sewing skills of one of their Mums. Four of the dancers were from within the band ranks and two were ex-players. Didn't realise we had so much talent within the ranks of the band.
  11. brassbandmaestro

    brassbandmaestro Active Member

    Burgess Hill West sussex
    We got this concert coming up and have this guy from Brazil who plays no not pan pipes but acoustic and eletric guitar, and he has this combo with him, keyboards etc. We be playing things like:
    Aspects of Lloyd Webber (arr Peter Graham)
    Buster Strikes Back
    Sing Sing Sing
    Entry of the Gladiators
    Spring(Grieg arr P Ryan)
    Colours of the wind
    I Got Rhythm
    She's the One(Robbie Williams)
    Mambo no5(arr Frank Banerts)
    Music(John Miles arr Philip Sparke)

    Interspersed with Brazillian and contemporary guitar music

    The programme be played on 15th March

    No particular order here
  12. Joe Soap

    Joe Soap Member

    A little off track i know but,can anyone point me in a direction where i can listen to Catari a euphonium solo on line.


  13. Ipswich trom

    Ipswich trom Member

    We just had our Annual patrons Concert on Friday 25th april. The programme was :

    Summon the Dragon - Graham
    Out of the Blue - Bath
    Prelude, Dance & March - Arnold arr. Noramn
    A Repton Fantasy - Parry arr. Sparke
    Serenata - Anderson arr. Freeh
    Someone to Watch Over me - Gershwin arr. Fernie
    Windows of the World - Graham

    Sonata Pian e Forte - Gabrielli arr. Norman
    Another Openin', Another Show arr. Roberts
    In Love For Me (Hymn Tune) - arr. harper
    If I Were A Rich Man - Bock arr. Smith
    Birdland - Zawinul arr. Smith
    The Children of Sanchez - Mangione arr. Gilje
    Bugle Call Rag - Pettis arr. Norman
    Fugue from Graduation Day - Sparke

    I would tell you what the encore was but if I do I could get in trouble.
    A brilliant concert and no deps required, a band managers delight.
  14. Robhibberd29

    Robhibberd29 Active Member

    If I were a Rich Man...the Bass trom solo?
  15. Jacob Larsen

    Jacob Larsen Member

    Stavanger - Norway
    Århus Brass Band - Sønderjylland Concert Tour

    - A Centenary Celebration (Jacob V. Larsen)
    - Proclamation For Bass Trombone (Gordon Langford)
    Soloist: Lars Peder Sørensen
    - Arioso (J.S. Bach, arr. Howard Snell)
    - The Essence of Time (Peter Graham)
    - Feather Theme (Silvestri, arr. Sandy Smith)
    - Aye Waukin´O (Trad, arr. Adrian Drover)
    Soloist: Thomas Rye Simonsen
    - Domen (Jan Magne Førde)
    Soloist: Hans Peter Vallebo, flugel
    - The Old Chalet (Trad, arr. Howard Snell)
    - Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Arr. Goff Richards)
    Soloist: Maria Schultz, tenorhorn
    - Trumpet Blues & Cantabile (James, arr. Geldard)
    Featuring Backrow cornets
    - Valero (James Swearigen, arr. Sandy Smith)
    - Brakin´ Up Is Hards To Do (Neil Sedeka, arr. Rydland)
    Featuring 4 basses
    - I Will Follow Him (Arr. Goff Richards)
    Trombone Feature
    - Gaelforce (Peter Graham)
    - Standing Somewhere In The Shadows (Kenneth Downie)
  16. brassbandmaestro

    brassbandmaestro Active Member

    Burgess Hill West sussex
    Trumpet Blues & Cantabile?? I thought I was right - back row feature!! Wow!

    ROBTHEDOG Member

  18. Ipswich trom

    Ipswich trom Member


    Yep, that's the one. Expertly performed by our super Bass Trombonist. :tup
  19. Andy Tasker

    Andy Tasker Member

    Any ideas for a swing night programme?

    Our band is shortly going to be doing a 'Swing Night' and I wondered if anyone can suggest a really good programme?
  20. Louder/faster/higher

    Louder/faster/higher Member

    Recent Concert Pieces

    We recentley did a joint concert with our youth band and some of the pieces we played were as follows:
    StarGate SG1
    Zelda Cornet Solo
    The Right Stuff
    Gethsemane Sop Solo
    Maleguana With Opt Screamer Sop Part

    also in the past we have played
    Ruby Tuesday
    Gonna Fly Now (Maynard Ferguson Version)
    To name but a few.
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